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Feedback From The Media – Below are copies of emails received from media:

From: "Massimo Ferro" <>  Media Copy: 'Songs For a Better Planet Volume II'    …    some days ago I received a copy of "Songs For A Better Planet, Vol. II" and I now want to thank you so much for sending it to me. It is again a very fine and pleasant compilation and I immediately started playing it in my radio shows here at Radio Voce Spazio, as you can see from the alleged playlist. That CD will become an essential part of my musical diet and more songs from it will surely follow on air in the next weeks of course. In the meantime let me please thank you once again for your kind attention and wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year! Yours,  Massimo Ferro

 From: "Theo Oldenburg" <>  Thank you very much for sending the  'Songs For a Better Planet Volume  II'.Again, great music!  Best regards,  Theo Oldenburg  ALT.COUNTRY COOKING  Radio Winschoten  Webcast:

From: "eddie russell" <> OUTLAWS FOR PEACE RADIO  BROADCAST ALL OVER THE WORLD  Oh my……..' Songs For A Better World ' Vol 2… a powerful  collection of both material and entertainment . This is the best overall  complilation that you've sent , will be airing , and I certainly  appreciate what you're doing . Cheers & best wishes for ' 07 , Eddie

FROM: "chcr" <> … thanks to you, we played two tracks from the Song for a Better World on our new environmental activism show called One Earth. It gets replayed regularly, too! peanut butter CHCR Radio

FROM: mike <> RE: Mike the DJ, Mike the Frenchy, RADIO ISA, France Bonjour Brian,  Thanks for the very good musical compilation and above all for the good  fight. My daughter who is 20 is stuying environment protection so I am  more than informed on these problems. It is a very good thing to hear  voices coming from your country as you know your gouverment is not the  most active country for fighting pollution (Kyoto Treaty…) From here , USA don't give the feeling that they are ready to try to  change something in their way of consuming. But I 'm sure that with  time, men will have to change … Back to the music. I would say in this very particular case , the music  is just the background of a international cause. Honestly I didn't find a weak song , I didn't also find one  that is really above the others. I will air all of them from time to  time and I always give the translation to people to be sure they can get  the meaning .. Thanks again for the good music and highest congratuations for trying to do something to preserve this planet. Take care Mike from Lhuisiana, PENARD Mike c/o ISA Radio,  FRANCE

FROM: RE: Peace Songs for a Better World Hi Brian,  Thanks for sending me a copy of Song for a Better Planet. It's  important to me to have as many topical songs on subjects like ecology for my radio program. I have played and/or will be playing Global Warming Blues; For Whom; Pesticide Song; and The Air. Thanks again. Harlon Joye, Fox's Minstrel Show – WRFG, Atlanta, GA

FROM: "Theo Oldenburg" < RE: CD Songs for A Better Planet received Hello Brian, Thank you so much for the "Songs for A Better Planet" CD.  And it was a real pleasure to listen to this project. I sympathize with it's goals, but the music is also very good! Sure we will give airplay to "Songs for A Better Planet". I'll send a playlist then. Kind regards, Theo Oldenburg & Johanna Bodde – ALT.COUNTRY COOKING Radio Winschoten on-demand webcast: Member of the Dutch Roots Radio Ring

FROM: Arthur Elliott <> RE: Peace Songs For A Better World Brian – At last I have had the chance to listen to this CD. All I Can Say is :"Wow!"   Actually, I CAN say more than that. The CD comprises an inspired choice of  songs and artists, many of whom I have emailed to obtain some further  examples of their work. Congratulations on a fine outcome for this great  cause. I am thinking of featuring the CD on an edition of my programme soon. Regards, Arthur Elliott. "Sidestream" 99.7FM Brisbane, Australia.

FROM: "Massimo Ferro" <> TO: "Brian Gladstone" <>  'Peace Songs' is Album of the Week Hi Brian, here is Massimo Ferro from Italy and these are just a few lines to confirm that "Peace Songs For A Better World" arrived here regularly a couple of weeks ago. I thank you so much for sending it to me, I really enjoy nearly every song you choose for this laudable project and I alreayd played some of them, as you can see from the alleged playlists. I already decided that "Peace Songs.." will be "Album Of The Week" in one of my next radio shows here and be sure I'll let you know when this happens. I thank you again so much for your kind attention and take the chance to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! All the best, Massimo Ferro Radio Voce Spazio Italy

FROM: Lord Litter <> TO: Brian Gladstone <> Hi, —> soon! …. one of the songs from the CD made it into my new *Top 3* presentation .. info 'n playlist forthcoming!! cheerz Lord Litter

FROM: "Trevor Hyland" <> TO: Brian, Congratulations you have put together an exciting cd that portrays many important messages in a fantastic range of music. I will be spinning tracks on The Fresh 895 FM Trevor Hyland Victoria, Australia

FROM: Michel PENARD <> TO: Peace Songs For a Better World <> RE: Mike the DJ, Mike the Frenchy Dear Brian, So good to hear from you, to get good music and to see you involved in  such an association. Hope you are fine and ready for a real canadian winter…Here nothing  really new. Thanks so much for the CD. I can't say all the tracks fit my format but  some are OK. I have selected tracks 1,2,6,8 and 11 to be on the air from  tomorrow. I remind you my own and special way of airing music. I prefer to air songs by turn and only from time to time . When songs  come on my playlist, it is for a very long time butt they can be 2 weeks  on the air, disappear one month (or even more) , come back , there is no  precise rules , just the musical spirit of the program of the day. Once agai thanks for all. The Froggie send you a friendly "CROAK"! Please confirm you have got this email. Thanks Take care Mike PENARD Mike c/o ISA MILIEU FRANCE

TO: "Brian Gladstone" <> RE: A better world Dear Brian, Thanks for your Peace CD, it arrived today. It will be play listed soon. Visit us at: Joe Vincent, Waterford. IRELAND Please Join The Highland Music Forum

FROM:  "Trevor Hyland" <> TO: DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 05:32:46 -0400 (EDT)   Brian, Would enjoy receiving a copy of "PSFABW" for airtime on my show on The Fresh 895 FM Bendigo Australia. Loved your last release – you have a problem living up to that. Trevor Hyland, Bendigo, Victoria. Australia 3550

 FROM:  "Chip Eagle" <> TO:        <> RE:        Peace Songs Per Brian Gladstone's instructions, I am requesting a copy of Peace Songs for consideration for review in FolkWax (, the largest subscribed singer/songwriter weekly. Please forward to:  FolkWax Magazine West Des Moines, Iowa 50265

 FROM:  "Massimo Ferro" <> TO:        "Brian Gladstone" <> DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 16:53:10 +0200    Dear Brian,     I thank you so much for your staying in touch and keep me informed about your many musical activities. I should be obviously interested in receiving "Peace Songs For A Better World" for giving it some air time and I hope there is still a copy for me: be sure that I shall play it in my radio shows here on Radio Voce Spazio and then send you some playlists, in case you are interested in seeing what I use to do here.     Hoping you provide with satisfying this request of mine, I thank you again so much for your kind attention.            All the best, Massimo Ferro Radio Voce Spazio Italy

FROM: TO: Thank you for the opportunity to reserve a copy of your "PEACE SONGS FOR A  BETTER WORLD'  CD." In the interest of the 200 copies getting into the  hands of those that can best promote it through airplay and print I have  forwarded your e-mail to various Djs & reviewers that would give the CD the  attention it deserves. When the CD purchasing details are available please let me know and I will  spread the word on behalf of Iridescent Music. We will purchase a copy along the way as Iridescent Music doesn't review  CDs at this time. Best to you with your endeavours. Best  regards, Kelly  Iridescent Music  Kelly  Wallace Promotion &  Marketing

 FROM:  "Noel Parry" <> RE:        Re Peace Songs For A Better World  We would like to order a copy of this disc for airplay here in New Zealand. We broadcast on —-Radio Southland here in Invercargill City, with 3 programs.   Kindest Regards   Neil Murch & Noel Parry

FROM: TO: DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 12:50:05 +1000   Dear Brian,    In response to your email, I am writing to request a promo CD  – "Peace Songs for a Better World".   I reckon that tracks from this CD would find an appreciative audience via my "JuzBlooz" program.  I report to Living Blues Monthly Top 25, Blues-L, Blues-DJ and Blues-Oz mail lists.  Thanks for your consideration.  My mailing address is below.  Regards, Martin "Lester" Dunstan "Lester" presents "JuzBlooz" on Tuesdays at 8.30 pm, 3WAY FM 103.7 MHz, Warrnambool, AUSTRALIA

  FROM:  "Michael Stock" <> TO:        <>  Greetings, I do a folk music radio show and would like to request a promo copy of your CD. Thanks   Michael Stock WLRN Radio

FROM:  eli marcus <> TO: DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 21:05:44 +0200   Hello, I am a program editor and consultant to Radio 88FM in Israel, which is one of the stations in the IBA – Israel Broadcast  Authority ( I would be very glad to receive the Peace Songs For A Better World CD and play it  on Radio 88FM. My mailing address: — Eli Marcus Bluesman Productions Tel Aviv Israel   thank you, Eli Marcus

FROM:  Arthur Elliott <> Brian   In response to your recent posting, my name is Arthur Elliott, and I have produced and presented the weekly radio programme 'Sidestream" on Brisbane, Australia Radio 99.7FM since 1992. The programme includes singer/songwriter, folk & roots, acoustic, Celtic, bluegrass, world music, the blues, and beyond. I am interested in putting the above music to my listeners.  It certainly sounds like a worthwhile project.  Please forward a CD to me . I always acknowledge receipt, and my playlists can be found weekly on the international bulletin board folkdj-l.  Many thanks, Arthur.

FROM: TO: DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 13:24:17 EDT   Sounds fascinating.  Could you send a copy for possible airplay on Fox's Minstrel Show, WRFG, Atlanta, GA (Sundays 7-10 PM) ?  Thanks.   Harlon Joye

 FROM: TO: DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 12:14:04 EDT   Hi, there…  Sure, count me in; sounds potentially quite intriguing.    I'm the host  of a morning drive time show on KRCL in Salt Lake City. We're a 25,000-watt  non-commercial community station celebrating twenty four years on the air. With  translators, simulcasts, and such, our signal can be heard by most folks in  Utah, as well as in parts of Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada. We also webcast at   I play a mix of music, with an emphasis on contemporary  folk, singer-songwriter stuff, and jazz vocals, but with a bit of world, spoken  word, blues, bluegrass, old soul, and whatever else appeals thrown into the mix. Susanne

 FROM:  Tom Knapp <> TO:        Brian Gladstone <>   RE:        Re: RESERVE PLAY / REVIEW COPY: 'PEACE SONGS FOR A BETTER WORLD'  CD  Certainly, send it along!    Tom Knapp, Rambles.NET editor Lancaster PA 17603 U.S.A.

 FROM:  Paul Norton <> TO:        Brian Gladstone <> DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 07:15:11 -0700   Hi, Brian.  Sounds great – would like one.  -p.   __________________________________ Paul Norton CFRO 102.7 fm Vancouver, BC V5N 5R5

FROM:  "Kruse" <> TO:        <> DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 23:12:07 +1000   Hi, I saw your offer on the folk dj list, and I would like to receive a copy of "Peace Songs For A Better World" for airplay here in Australia. My address is: Aline Kruse KEMPSEY  NSW  2440 AUSTRALIA  Thank you in advance.  Cheers Aline

FROM: TO: DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 08:41:54 EDT  Brian…  Please send me a copy of "Peace Songs for a Better World'.  Thanks for  the offer to send a CD and thanks for your effort on behalf of a better  world.  Tom Jackson WLUW 88.7 FM Loyola University Chicago, IL 60626

FROM:  DWells <> TO:   I'd be interested in reviewing a copy of it, Brian.   Diane Wells Hamilton, ON  L8N 3V2

  FROM:  "henry prokop" <> TO: DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 16:40:59 +1000     G'day Brian,   I think this certainly has possiblities.  Henry Prokop 101FM * Honky Tonk Blues QLD.  4005 Australia.   Thanks, All the best Henry  

FROM:  "" <> TO:   Hi Brian, Please use as my e-mail as the one fills up with at least 250 spam a day. Looking forward to a promo copy if available and thanks. Thanks, Joe Vincent. Post Box 39, Waterford. Ireland.

FROM:  "Terry B. Moses and Naomi Soule" <> TO:        Brian Gladstone <> DATE:    Wed, 22 Sep 2004 10:30:48 -0700 (PDT) We would be interested in a copy of "Peace Songs For a Better World" for airplay on The Acoustic Edge.  Thanks for your interest. Naomi Soule Terry Moses KCLC Acoustic Edge Saint Louis, MO  63104-3459 Take care, Naomi and Terry 

FROM:  "Rikk M." <> TO:        Brian Gladstone <> DATE:    Wed, 22 Sep 2004 09:54:51 -0700 (PDT)  Yeah, welll the contact is easy since I am the only person on my staff.. Would love to be a part of this worthwhile project …  Rikk Matheson Lubec, ME

FROM: Dynamic Recording DATE: Tue, 10 May 2005 RE: WDYN Is Playing YOU ! Songs For A Better Planet. GREAT CD. We have started playing it and will be playing all cuts. Dave Kaspersin WDYN We like your cd. We have you in rotation. Rotation at WDYN means we will keep playing your cuts for a LONG time round the clock. We are here in the studio 9 to 5, Mon – Sat, Eastern US time. If you send an e-mail during that time we will try to play you right away. We record every show to cd, so you are played through the night as well. (Which is during the day somewhere. Thank you Web 🙂 If you have other cd's out, please send. Dynamic Independent Radio 100.1 FM Rochester, NY

FROM: "Frank Moore" <> DATE: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 02:19:37 -0700 Hi! We love your cd! We have played the whole thing on And it is now in luver's you are often on luver! When you have more stuff [old or new], send it to luver! In freedom, Frank Moore Watch/Listen to Love Underground Visionary Revolution (LUVeR)  Get your news at LUVeR Alternative News

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