May 11 2011

Songs To Laugh Your Ass Off

If laughter is the best medicine you’ll want to take a lot of repeat doses of this rootsy international collection of alternately amusing, cute, hilarious, and even ridiculous songs by ten different artists.


You’ll likely giggle during a jamboree ditty from acclaimed picker and humourist Wendell Ferguson that extolls the “educational” value of the sights and sounds of a barnyard. You may chuckle knowingly along with a sarcastic pop paean from Local Anxiety lampooning the “glories” of being a bureaucrat. You might discover a lopsided smile growing


broader while listening to an absurd country weeper about an invisible dog from Chris Wolf. You could actually guffaw while being stirred up by an anthem to a “famous” Chinese general. And you may well titter uneasily at the calypso-swing parody “proposal” to Jessica Alba by Waiting For Betsy.

There are many moments you’ll remember with delight from this “tour de farce” collection that marries humour and true musicality into a 36-minute romp that seems to go way too quickly. This is a prescription for pulling you out of your funk: listen as needed; repeat as often as you like; WARNING: May be addictive!

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