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OUTLAWS FOR PEACE RADIO –  BROADCAST ALL OVER THE WORLD  Oh my……..’ Songs For A Better World ‘ Vol 2… a powerful  collection of both material and entertainment . This is the best overall  complilation that you’ve sent , will be airing , and I certainly  appreciate what you’re doing . Cheers & best wishes for ‘ 07 ,

Eddie Russell


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 Thank you brian, for taking a risk and doing something very cool and valuable

 eddie baltimore and slowpoke

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There are about 30 more emails to be posted ..  

Below are copies of emails and comments received from artists who have participated in our 'Better World' projects, as well as comments from organizations, and general good words –

  FROM: NEeMA <> DATE: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 13:44:13 -0800 Wanted to say thank you for having me at your festival. Had a great time. I'm currently in LA working on new CD. Nice to have escaped the crazy Montreal cold Hugs, Neema

FROM: Wendell Ferguson <> DATE: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 01:47:49 -0500 A Big Thank you!!! Please pass on my thanks to both you, and all your great volunteers   at Winterfolk. Once again I had a super time. All 3 stages I did were   exciting, memorable and fun. The last one was especially good. Nancy   Dutra did her sweet country thing with 3 guitarists behind her and   John Switzer sat in on bass for the whole set. Tony Q. was funny and   amazing, Steve Briggs is always amazing and I was the same idiot I   always am. Plus the Friday night with Jack deKeyzer and David Gillis   was also amazing. And where did you find Mike Branton? He's a great   soloist. We were all very impressed. So Kudos to you and the   volunteers for making it so easy for us to have fun and move the   audience. Sincerely, Wendell

FROM: DATE: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 RE:   songs for better planet Hi Brian, ….  I love it!! It came out great and we were so excited to be a part of it. Hopefully we'll get to see you at the winterfest! Thanks again, Tracey Delfino ,

FROM: "Megan Bowman" <> DATE: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 RE:   compilation received – thankyou! Hey Brian Just to say thanks for the pack of CDs that arrived. I feel very proud and honoured to be a part of it. I will enjoy figuring out how best to spread it around Australia. Kind regards for a rockin good 2007, best Megan

FROM: Richard Berman <> DATE: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 SUBJECT:  Thank You Dear Brian,    Thank you so much for sending on the copies of "Songs for a Better Planet, Vol.ll".  I so enjoyed listening to the material. I especially liked "Magnolia" with its beautiful guitar accompaniment.  I wish us all much exposure and much pleasure for our listeners.  Again, my thanks for including my song on the compilation.  I will enjoy getting to share the copies you've sent me with others.  All the best to us all for the coming New Year-   Richard

From: totara <> I love what you guys are putting together!  My name is LeAnne, and my band Totara truly believes in changing the world through music. Thank you so much, LeAnne  

From: "Ugur Dogan" <> Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2006 23:28:33 +0100

Subject:  Songs for A Better Planet, Volume II I thank you and all the members master much for choosing my song and creating this compilation for a better planet. It gives trluy a feeling for reaching my goals and energy to let my voice heard.   I was also lately been Nominated for the Just Plain Folks Awards** .  and am very happy for things going well. Ugur Dogan , Rotterdam, Netherlands  

From: David <> Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 13:24:13 -0500 Subject: Youth Showcase – Ariana – Thank you note:   I am very grateful that Winterfolk chose to sponsor me for a youth showcase this year at the OCFF in Ottawa.  The whole process of preparing myself for the OCFF showcase caused me to get off my lazy arse and practice.  As a result of my showcase I was approached by festival directors, agents, and musicians.  The whole thing was a growing experience, not to mention, a freaking hoot that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Thank you Brian. Ariana Gillis ,

FROM: "Jack de Keyzer" <> DATE: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 RE:   Concert For Peace Hi Brian, Thank you for sending the pics and for including us in this years Concert for Peace.  Your professionalism and  talent are very much appreciated.  Now if we can get some peace going …..that would be even better! Cheers! Jack de Keyzer

From: govinda sah <> Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 Subject: help for Peace: govinda Dear Sir, I am very impressed with your organisation. This is the time for peace, with colourful world like deferent culture deferent religions with respect.  Also we have to make the world without boundary.  Well, Myself I am an artist for Nepal and I am doing world peace through art since form 1999. You know at that time Nepal. I did solo cycle tour all Nepal carrying with slogan “21st Century is the century of art and peace”.  

This tour extended all south-Asia country (Nepal, India, Bangladesh also in Germany) main to carrying peace message in paintings. I had had did 22nd solo exhibition included Nepal and around the world. I want to exhibit my peace painting and exchange programme in your country for that I looking to gate cooperation through your foundation. Please visit my web site to for more detail about me—– The journey is alone for peace and individually without any help so please make some possibility to spread peace with you. Thank you. Please help for peace. Govinda Prasad Sah ‘Azad’

FROM:      Margaret Stowe <> DATE:      Sat, 25 Aug 2007 SUBJECT:   thanks from Marg Wanted to thank you for including me in Concert For Peace. I can't think of a more worthy message to promote. take it easy and keep up the good work, Marg

From: "PETER VERITY" <> Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 Subject: Thanks for PEACE! Thanks a lot for the opportunity of performing at The Peace Day Event. The day was beautiful and I had a lot of fun with Herb Dale. P.V.

From: "danny marks" <> Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 10:35:58 -0400 Subject: Red Bird Flies at Mel Lastman I'm not exactly sure why there's always something magic about Gladstone gigs. It could be due to the purpose for which they're conceived. They push the boundaries of performance and understanding in the best of all ways. At Mel Lastman Square's Concert for Peace, I arrived in just time to see lovely Laura Fernandez introduce her closing number: "My Heart is a Red Bird".  Laura explained that it was a special song, written by a close friend. As she began to weave her magic, I took in the surroundings in Mel square. Trees shade a stage and coliseum arena vaguely Roman in nature, with audience sitting on the steps around. At the very moment that Laura's song was taking flight, a Cardinal flew right in front of me. The bright red bird alighted in a branch overhead, where it perched for most of the song before flying off to land back stage, in plain sight of anyone in the audience who cared to look up. Shaking my head in wonderment, I gazed out at the assemblage to see if there were other witnesses to this crimson vision, so in synch with the music.  Perched on a woman's finger in the forth row was a brightly colored, yellow and green parrot. I had to ask. The woman confessed that she hoped Laura would change the lyric to reflect the hues of her bird. Somewhere in the distance I could hear my name being called. It was time to make show, but all I could think of was the stunning synchronicity, once again, as life imitates art. That kind of thing often happens when there's magic in the air. Thanks Brian, Danny M.

From: Laura Fernandez Music <> Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 12:28:31 -0400 Subject: Re: Red Bird Flies at Mel Lastman Dear Danny, Thank you for being there and witnessing the magical moment, I believe that when art comes from divine inspiration and love, from the heart, the universe is is synch and everything adds to the wonder. Brian and you and Dougal and I and the audience, and Noah (who wrote the song from a very real place and was with us in spirit), we were all instruments in God’s symphony and we were there to promote Peace and a Better world. Miracles and signs are around us everyday and it sometimes takes an open soul like you Danny to point these out to us. Thank you Brian for allowing us to all to help you in your vision of a kinder, more loving and very musical world. Xoxox and love to all of you. It was an honor to be a part of it with you. Laura

From: "sueanddwight" <> Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 15:30:48 -0400 Subject: Thank you! Thanks so much for inviting us to play at the Concert For Peace VI. It was great to be part of an event that promotes such an important message. It requires a lot of hard work on your part to organize, and we want you to know your efforts are very much appreciated. Thanks again! Sue and Dwight    

FROM: "Megan Bowman" <> Just to say thanks for the pack of CDs that arrived. I feel very proud and honoured to be a part of it. I will enjoy figuring out how best to spread it around Australia. Kind regards for a rockin good 2007, best Megan  FROM: RE:   songs for better planet … We are so excited to be a part of this project!! Ilove what you are doing. … Songs for a better planet cd to you. Thanks for sending us the copies. I love it!! It came out great and we were so excited to be a part of it. … Thanks again, Tracey Delfino

FROM: Richard Berman <> …   Thanks so much for your email and your efforts in putting together the compilation CD.  I feel honored to have a song included and look forward to hearing /Songs for a Better Planet/,/ /vol. II.   thanks for all you've done-  Richard  

From: "Ugur Dogan" <> I thank you and all the members master much for choosing my song and creating this compilation for a better planet. It gives truly a feeling for reaching my goals and energy to let my voice heard.  Ugur Dogan  I thank you and all the members who made this a reality for me and us.

The following is reprinted from the Sonicbids publication 'It Works', October 2006 Edition. Read the complete story.

Question asked in Sonicbids Interview with these artists – What have you liked about "Protest Songs for A Better World" and the promoter of the opportunity?
Victoria, AUSTRALIA – I have been honoured to have been part of this great CD. I also have the highest respect for Brian Gladstone, who is doing something very important for peace and Green Planet awareness with his Better World projects and also creating opportunities for other singer-songwriters to get their voices heard. He is also a fine and tender singer-songwriter-guitarist himself (just listen to 'Flags of Freedom'), so his activism is all the more inspiring.   Cambridge, Mass, USA, – Brian Gladstone, the producer of "Protest Songs for A Better World," is a quality person and musician who follows through with his vision of the role music can, and, perhaps, should take in society.

  From: Ethan Gold <> Being on this cd reminded me of my original mission. From: David Gillis "Peace Songs for a Better World" was a worthwhile endeavor for me personally. Not only did I receive a great deal of positive feedback as a result of my submission, I also felt I was contributing a positive message to the world".

From: Finn Coren Subject: Re: Peace Songs For A Better World Been receiving mails from people and peace organizations around the world that have been enjoying my song "Riverboatman". I've also been communicating with some of the other artists on the CD. So it's been been a joy contributing a song for "Peace Songs for a Better World". Finn Coren

From: christa couture <> Subject: Re: Peace songs For A Better World  …  Here are my thoughts on being on the cd – being included on the Peace Songs for a Better World cd has been an excellent experience. it began with the questions I asked myself when I saw the call for entries – what peace is in my life? where do I see peace? where do I see the need to create more peace? internally, externally, there are many interpretations of this short but powerful word. so I submitted a song that for me, was a journey to self-discovery and finding peace within myself. hearing the other songs on the compilation happily continued my train of thought – thinking about peace and a desire for change. connecting with the other artists on the cd, in person when at the Winterfolk Festival and via email, has been the best outcome of being part of this project. as well, my song has now had airplay in the US, Ireland, Germany and others – corners of the world I've not yet reached on my own. personally and professionally it has been enriching, I am grateful to be a part of it. cheers, christa

From: Sean Altman <> Subject: Re: Peace Songs For A Better World I've received emails from people around the globe who are enjoying my song "Change My World" and thanking me for participating in the project. It feels good to contribute to a worthwhile effort like this. Thanks for the opportunity. Sean Altman

From: <> Blair Hansen here 🙂 This project was so wonderful to be a part of. I listened to the entire cd and ran across new artists that are now some of my favorites. I had many friends and family listen to the cd and they love it. They are also passing it on to other friends. The message of 'peace' is being spread around. I feel very honored to have been a part of this project. It's nice to know that one of my songs is helping to spread peace… something that this world needs 🙂 Sincerley, Blair Hansen

From: Quincy <> Subject: Re: Peace Songs For A Better World Its always an awesome feeling to be a part of something that is putting smiles on peoples faces. And I thank you for letting me be a part of this project.  : ) quincy

FROM: "Steve Hansen" RE: 'Peace Songs' is Album of the Week! Hope this finds you well. Again thanks for your work on Peace Songs. Blair enjoyed being a part of this and I am confident that some messages got across. We received several nice emails from some of the other artists. Steve Hansen.

FROM: Roger Ellis (Gold Album Recipient with Edward Bear, Juno Winner) Thanks for the schedule, I will post it on my site and have promo made. Laura and I did a fine job on Nic Beats show promoting the Peace Songs album. Thanks for opening the door again for me for radio play. Massimo Ferro says he will play my "Roger Ellis CD" on his American roots show. Thanks Brian, you have done me a great favour. Roger

FROM: Jed Goldberg (President, Earth Day Canada) RE: RE: 2 notes of hope Thanks for all you do Brian. Jed Goldberg

FROM: Danny Marks – (Broadcaster Bluz FM, Musician, Icon) RE: Blues for Peace Congratulations on this excellent event. What a glorious day, for peace, and an excellent line up you pulled together. People and performers superb, and each coming in for the good cause. I was knocked out by "Roses in the Snow". They sounded so sweet! Everyone pitched in. Thanks for including me, and especially, thanks for doing what you do. Dan

FROM: "Chip Eagle" (Editor FOLKWAX Magazine) RE: Peace Songs for A Better World Thanks, man. Keep up the great work. Chip FROM: Cathy Young Congratulations on 'Peace Songs' being Album of the Week. That's awesome! Best, Cathy Young FROM: Sallyanne Monti (Publicist, Artist Management) RE: Peace Songs for a Better World and Blair Hansen Beautiful.. I love the way you write and how you feel and how you express it.. but then you've prob been told that many times.. thank so much for all your energy.. in your past work with Blair and other artists.. .in your response below and in following your dreams and passion. Respectfully, Sallyanne Monti

FROM: Hugo Hanson I was looking for a good place to submit "Its Got To Be You", and your site is the perfect one. I know you will feel my passion to help heal our earth. Thanks for listening. I would be an honor to be a part of the compilation. Peace and light.  H Hanson

FROM: Edward Amann RE: Interesting site – Found out about you thru sonicbids. Just a quick line to say hi and I support your efforts. I'll add your link to my extensive links page when I update my site later today. Best regards, Ed Amann

FROM: Karen Bass RE: Re: (on) 'BLUES FOR PEACE', JUNE 25 2005, MEL LASTMAN SQUARE Hi Brian, It is great what you are doing I wish that I could go there and do that, but I don't have that kind of funds, but I would like to share my music any way I can help The peoples of this world and support our troops and stop the hate here is my new release going out true New Music Weekly CA.24th of June please feel free to pass it around Thanks your friend Elvis L Carden see att;JUNK MAN'

FROM: Scott Johnson (Executive Director, Positive Music Association) RE: Positive Music Association Dear Brian, Greetings from Boulder, Colorado. I just came upon your website and love what you're doing. I head up the Positive Music Association with the main purpose of creating a better world through music. A primary goal is to establish a new category of music called "poz" (short for positive). (It's not religious by the way.) Feel free to let the musicians who are involved in Artists for a Better World know about the PMA. There is an emerging group of musicians out there who are dedicated to using music as a way to effect positive change. And the more we can unite our efforts, the louder our music and voices will be heard.Cheers, Scott

FROM:  Sally Ellis

For Josh White Jr.

Good morning!
Congratulations on the success of Winterfolk. What a feat you accomplished.
Music is so very healing and does provide  "inspiration, assurance and comfort."
 I can think of no better way to bring peace of mind and heart to the
community in these troubled times.
You are to be commended for your dedication, your spirit and your gift
of creativity.  I certainly appreciated all of your help and guidance
with regarding to Josh.  And you kept us so well-informed.  You are
"pro" at this and Toronto is blessed to have you talent and ingenious.
Light and love to you,
Sally Ellis


FROM: "Jack de Keyzer" <>

Hi Brian: A quick note thanking you for inviting us to WinterFolk. I'm very glad to see it was a successful event and I commend you on your hard work, professionalism and above all your musicality. Thanks too for the WF photos…much appreciated. I'll link you up to my site in the next few days. Thanks again. Sincerely: Jack de Keyzer (Juno Winner Blues Album 2003)

FROM:  "Quill, Greg" <>

Thanks for this compressive and heartfelt report. I'll follow through in
the Star, though I should report also on whether the event met or neared its financial goals. For my part, it was a wholly enjoyable experience from the first conversation with you, through my spot at the Dollar, to your thoughtfulness in supplying SOCAN forms for performers. Everything was exemplary well organized, on time, professional and earnest in the very best of festival
spirits. I was impressed by the music I heard, and struck by the general
atmosphere of good will and musical amicability. Well done. It was a blast.
Thank you.
Gregg Quill, Musician, Music Reviewer and Journalist Toronto Star


FROM:  "Linda M Grenier" <>

Thanks for the dream Brian. I will try again next year, taking into consideration the written critique
given to me.
All the Best,
Linda Grenier

FROM:  "J.Jenkins" <> 

I just wanted to let you know how well you a doing in organizing this
festival. Thanks for your gat efforts. I hope the festival is as successful
(and well attended) as the good works you and Tony have put into the preparations.
Best of luck.
And Happy New Year.
Jeremy Jenkins (just a jammer)

FROM:  "Luscious Productions" <>

Hey! Thanks for everything last night! I got a great response and some
good press out of it all! Congratulations on such a professional festival!
Linda M,
This is a Luscious Production
Natasha Taylor/Linda M
Official Artist Website

 FROM:  melwood cutlery <>
[mplpost] melwood at Winterfolk tonight, oasis 10pm.
the comfort zone, somewhat ironically perhaps, lived
up to it's name last night…partially your's,     
melwood cutlery (guitar, piano, voice, harmonica)


FROM:  "noah zacharin" <>

Hey Gladstone,
I wanted to thank you for having both the courage to take on such an
ambitious project, and the stamina and determination to make it successful.
You're the man!
Once again, kudos to you. I made repeated announcements about Winterfolk
Year II to the crowds, so now you gotta do it. Bless you, nz

FROM:  Brampton Folk Festival <>

Winterfolk – Thanks from Brown Ale!
Hi Brian,
Just a quick note to thank you and your team for including us in your
festival. We had a grand time on Friday night!
Your festival was very well organized, mo so than other festivals that
have been around a lot longer. Your sound crew was gat, and we actually
aware of and prepared for all our equipments (believe me, this is rare
than it should be!).
Both your volunteer staff and the venue staff we very friendly and
resourceful. Special thanks to the staff at the Oasis, who cheerfully went
beyond the call the duty to help us get our gear past the crowded
restaurant area in front.
Also, please pass on our thanks to Danny Bakan and Nonie Crete for joining
us onstage for "Northwest Passage", and to Peter Verity for his superb
concertina (!) playing (go ahead – ask him about it…:>}).
Congratulations on putting on this great event, and many thanks for having
Glenn McFarlane
Brown Ale
P.S. A minder that I have a free pair of tickets for you for the LCAS on
February 8th. Hope to see you the!


FROM:  "eddiebigears" <>

 thank you brian, for taking a risk and doing something very cool and
 eddie and slowpoke

FROM:  Tannis <>

Well done and many thanks!
 Hello there Brian!
Just want to thank you for the fabulous gig at Convocation Hall today
and for all your incredible work putting the festival together. The
venue was oh-so-sweet and added to the class of the whole way you made things happen. I was especially impressed with the way you communicated with me all the way along, lots of just the right info to make one lax and know things we well in hand. Well done! And now, I wish you a no doubt much needed rest. Cheers!…Tannis

FROM:  Briggs / Tufts <>

Many Thanks
Hi Brian;
      Just wanted to say thanks for thinking of me for your festival.  It
was a gat way to put a musical spin on this time of the year for all
concerned, musicians and listeners alike. 
All the best and GET SOME SLEEP!
 Terry Tufts

FROM:  Lillian Wauthier <>
[mplpost] Winterfolk / Michael Pickett / Tom Rush
Well said Louise! It certainly is a treat to have a Winter Folk Festival
and to hear such a diverse group of talented musicians, all at venues
within walking distance of each other (never mind that, yes, some of the
venues aren’t the prettiest, but Con Hall sure made up for it).  I know
the hard work that goes into putting together such a mammoth undertaking –
congratulations to all the organizers and volunteers for their dedication
and commitment. All the volunteers that I worked with at my stage (Rancho
relaxo) and those I saw at other venues we professional, hard working,
courteous, helpful, organized and we good repsentatives of the
I hope that this festival will happen again next winter and continue to
grow and develop into a thriving, annual tradition, bringing warmth and
that spark – the spirit of music – into what is often a cold and dreary


FROM:  Michael & Louise Pickett <>

 [mplpost] Winterfolk / Michael Pickett / Tom Rush
To Brian Gladstone, Bob Stephens, and all you volunteers who worked
your wonderful magic this weekend –  Bravo!!
After a sensational weekend at the Blues Summit last weekend, the
first annual Winterfolk Festival was upon us – done with style and
organization and class.  All within walking distance of each other
providing plenty of opportunity to taste anything and everything if
you wanted to.
Michael brought the house down at the El Mocambo Saturday night with a
powerful acoustic set.  Inadvertently introduced as the Michael
Pickett Band, he demonstrated that he *is* his own band – guitar,
vocal and rack harmonica big enough to fill a room 1000 times the size
of this venue.  Musical?  Absolutely! – the room loved it and demanded
an encore.
Convocation Hall easily welcomed Michael into its fold Sunday night
where he provided a striking contrast to the wonderful folk-style
singer/songwriters who performed that night.  Brian Gladstone, Brent
Titcomb, Ian Tamblyn, Laura Smith, to name just a few.
With his powerful voice, remarkable guitar work, and unquestionable
virtuoso harmonica, Michael illustrated to his audience that blues is
roots as folk is roots and good/gat music can transcend those
boundaries.  People we bobbing their heads and tapping their toes
and just downright enjoying themselves.  What else is the?
Later in the evening, folk icon Tom Rush got Michael up to play
harmonica on a Sleepy John Estes tune called 'Drop Down Mama'  It was
smokin'!  And brilliant.  And sweet.
All the musicians we terrific and all the music was gat.  May
Winterfolk continue to grow and prosper – an event as rich as this at
anytime is a tat but to happen in February is downright therapeutic!
Thank you one and all.
Warmest regards,
Mother Earth Management
Louise Pickett, Manager
Michael Pickett

FROM:  "Linda Saslove" <>

[mplpost] Winterfolk / Michael Pickett / Tom Rush
As a performer at Winterfolk, I must say I had a fantastic time.  I played
at the Oasis and the Comfort Zone.
Each show went ally well.  Good vibes, wonderful volunteers, gat
audiences.  It was a joy to be part of the first festival.
We were so lucky with the weather too.  Notice now that Winterfolk is over – it has gotten colder.
When I finished performing I popped into all the venues to see other
performers.  I was so impressed by the talent.
El Mocambo was terrific.  Michael Pickett – wow.  Jack de Keyser – you rock.The sound everywhere – couldn't be better.  Brian Gladstone  you did a fantastic job.  So many gat performances and nice people.
Tom Rush – I was almost in tears when you sang "Circle Game", Joni's song that he corded in 1968.
I hope Winterfolk comes back next year.  For those who weren't the – YOU MISSED SOMETHING!
 Linda Saslove

FROM:  "Lyndell Montgomery" <>

Brian – thanks SO much for having Ember Swift as a part of the first Winterfolk.  We
had a gat time and hats off to you for making such a big splash for your
first time at the pool!
We' looking to finalize out merchandise sales with Winterfolk and if it's not
through yourself, can you please point me in the right diction.
Again, congrats for a job well done.
Lyndell Montgomery
Few'll Ignite Sound

   FROM:  "Chris MacLean" <> Winterfolk News   Hi Brian Thanks so much for all of your efforts in making Winterfolk happen! WOW! We had a gat time and surely hope that it becomes an annual event. All the best Chris MacLean Galitcha

FROM:  "Lynn Harrison" <>

congrats and port ideas
Hi Brian,
Congratulations and I hope you' enjoying a well-deserved rest today.  I was very impressed with how everything ran on all the days and have heard nothing but positive comments from everyone I know who participated and attended.  Also, on a personal note, thanks again for giving me the chance to play at Convocation Hall: truly a dam.  Thank you.  The workshop session on Saturday was another personal highlight. It reminded me how much I enjoy teaching and facilitating and how restorative songwriting is to my spirit.  I met many new friends–and found many new fans–thanks to Winterfolk and I know the experience will be of professional value for me in the months and years to come.

FROM:  "Linda Saslove" <>

Brian, I can't thank you enough for making me be a part of the fabulous Winterfolk. Good experience. I loved it.  So special.Everyone was great.
I think you did a sensational job for this first ever indoor festival.
The good word will travel fast.  Be proud.
 See you soon.

FROM:  "Jim Marino" <>

Fewheeling Playlist!
A Phone call from the Ultimate–Tom Rush– was a wonderful addition to the show on Sat. We featured some of the artists who we at the first Winterfolk Festival in Toronto, including Tom Rush, on the weekend. –and– "A Fabulous Weekend" it was!– My congratulations to everyone involved in bringing this about.– You should be very proud!
The Canadian Talent was Superb! -It was a pleasure to watch and listen!! 

FROM:  Nonie Crete <>

I would also like to congratulate all the participants of Winterfolk and
Brian Gladstone. It was quite a buzz to be around so much talent, bumping into them everywhere you went-in the washrooms, upstairs, downstairs on the stets, behind the next door, in the audience-they we everywhe. It was spooky! Lucky Toronto and all who we a part of Winterfolk!
Nonie Crete


FROM:  "wayne marshall" <>


A HUGE CONGRATS!!!! to Brian who not only organized things but played a quite a few stages as well and by Sunday night was still hanging in strong!!
I managed to see acts at all the stages and must say the sound was good at them all.
The Rancho was the best sound to me even over Con Hall. I saw Ian Tamblyn at both and liked the sound better at Rancho where Fd's guitar parts we more upfront in the mix blending better.
Having said this I was amazed at how Lori Cullen worked the acoustics of the hall at times making her voice float around like a carrier pigeon delivering the message to the listener.
The was a wonderful variety of acts to see, often making decisions of who to see a task!!!
I wasn't lucky enough get into the guitar session at the Oasis (perhaps a larger club for this one next year) but I heard it was a feat of fun and fast fingers.
I can't think of a better time to have an event like this, it got a lot of folks away from sitting in front of a monitors (a few we starting to have Ebay burnt into the left side of their foreheads)
I have played mo than my share of seedy country bars in my days , and even I was a little uneasy in the Comfort Zone. I think next year a placement for this venue might be in order.
As far as Canadian content goes I would imagine the percentage would have been about 98% Canadian!!!!!
A few highlights for me would be watching Jack De Keyzer and Danny Marks battle it out guitar to guitar at the Dollar, Ian Tamblyn with Fred Guignion and becca Campbell at Rancho Relaxo (first time I've heard him live won't be the last) Hearing the gat new material by Ron Nigrini and Bob Snider ( like wine these two guys keep getting better with age)
Can't wait for next year see you the!!!!!!!!! OH YA ALL THIS FOR 35.00 CANADIAN (that might be 10.00 US by 2004)


FROM:  "jennifer wilson" <>

From Gerry Leblanc
Hi Brian,
Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for doing such a gat job with the festival.  It was for the most part amazingly well organized and run.  The Sunday show was incredible.  Hope your not too bummed out by the turnout and a going to do it again next year.  You know how hard it is to get people out in this fakin city,especialy in Jan.and Feb. 
Once again thanks for the opportunity to play in the festival and congrats on pulling it off.  I'll be looking forward to next year.
regards & respect
Gerry 🙂

FROM:  "Norman Liota" <>
congratulations and thank-you
Hi Brian,
Perhaps life is turning to some semblance of normalcy for you by now. I
just wanted to extend my thanks and congratulations to you and the host of
others involved in putting on the festival. It was truly a wonderful
experience for me and for the city too I think. I heard nothing but a myriad
of positive comments which reflects very well on you and everyone who put so
much energy into making the festival happen. Many thanks.
Norman Liota

FROM:  Peter Verity <>
Hi Brian
What a tremendous job on Winterfolk 2003.!! Congratulations!
Great musicians, great time, gat closeness of venues (that was ally
important to be able to run from one show to the next without wasting
We brought people who we very grateful  for knowing about it as they
said they we unaware of its existence otherwise.
I am sure that Winterfolk will get bigger and better for 2004 and if
articles get into the press now about its success, mo people will
attend next year. 
Diane V

FROM:  D Marks JAZZ FM <>

Winterfolk  / Pride in a Great Event
That's great Brian,
I am ready anytime, I saw so many of my friends that
weekend. So many people felt good about what you did.

winterfolk's success…..(Brian MacMillan)
Hey Brian,
it's Brian!I  was just checking out your site, which I think looks great by the
way, and thought I’d drop you a line thanking you for a wonderful experience at
Winterfolk. I had a great time and was really honored to be on that stage with the folks
that graced it through out the day. I enjoyed watching you play during the
workshop!! Thanks again Brian,
see you soon.
Brian MacMillan

FROM:  Erin Smith <>
 Winterfolk 2003 – Festival Doctor’s Report
I thought Winterfolk was a gat event, and we had a wonderful time
participating.  It was our privilege. The audiences were great and though I was intimidated by being a leader in a songwriting workshop, it turned out to be ally fun and I learned a lot from it. I hope you'll keep Erin Smith Band in mind for next year, and now I'll get to work on your postcard!
Cheers and stay warm,

FROM:  "brown gratton" <>
 Winterfolk 2003 – Festival Director's port
Just wanted to thank you for a gat job done for Winterfolk.  That was a Herculean job and you we amazing.  Congratulations. I really enjoyed all our performances and really liked the addition on a bass player. Get some well deserved rest, my friend and I look forward to the next time.
your pal,
Maureen Brown


Winterfolk 2003 – Festival Director’s port
Your Winterfolk Festival was an unqualified success. I just want to thank you
again for organizing it, and for letting me be part of it. I look forward to
next year.
See you around,

FROM: Kudos Kudos Kudos     Sorry I didn't write to you sooner but I have been out of town for the past few days.  I am happy to see that Winterfolk was the success you hoped it would be.  You and all those who made it possible certainly deserve every accolade you will receive.  All your support staff we welcoming and helpful and the performers I was fortunate enough to see we a revelation. It seemed wherever I went you we the either playing or overseeing.  Omnipsence must be exhausting.    I want to thank you again for the opportunity to showcase in the inaugural year of the festival.  Someday I will be able to proudly tell the grandkids "I was the".   Semper Winterfolk Bill Colgate 

FROM:  Sue Ans <>

Brian . . . thank you . . . thank you . . . for Winterfolk.
I was at Convocation Hall from noon on Sunday till the last note was
played.  The day was an incredible experience.  I am a relative 'newbie'
to the folk scene; actually a 'returnee' as a result of the freedom that
retirement brings.  On Sunday I was able to see and hear the performers
I have come to love and respect.  The fact that I was able to talk with
many of them without feeling intimidated in any way, deepened my
feelings . . . those feelings of incredible loyalty to a unique group of
people.  Some of those people have been in my living room, sharing their
talents with spellbound guests; others have performed at similar
intimate venues where I was the spellbound guest.  They seem to be an
integral part of a very caring and sharing community, that can use all
the support it can get.  To this end, your efforts with Winterfolk a
mo than "Herculean".
The hour-long drive home gave me the opportunity to reflect on the day's
experiences, and "come down" into an incredibly mellow and contented
state.  I'm still savoring the effects!
And, what a tat to see you with Laura Smith!  If I am not mistaken, I
last saw you together at the Opera House in Orangeville.  Laura was in a
bit of state (water bottle and fan working full tilt) . . . and
completely undeterred, you simply carried on, completely in sync with
her moods, and performing your musical magic, as only you can do.
Thanks again Brian.  By the way, my cheque is in the mail for my
membership with OCFF – a direct spin-off from Winterfolk!
Sue Ans in Barrie

FROM:  Shirley Gibson <>
Norm Hacking's Manager
[mplpost] Winterfolk 2003 – Norm Hacking
First, a huge congratulations to Brian Gladstone, the whole organizing /
support team, event volunteers and of course the performers for a wonderful
new festival.
As noted, Norm Hacking was unable to appear due to illness – he has been battling a severe leg infection through the last several gigs (from late November).  He thought that if he rested after the January 28 Bluebird North appearance he would be able to perform at Winterfolk.  But he was too weak from the combination of strong antibiotics and the infection and felt he could not give a good performance.  The Convocation Hall solo slot and songwriters workshop the with Tom Rush, Ian Tamblyn and Brian Gladstone we dam gigs and he was also looking forward to his Rancho Relaxo appearances the evening before and seeing many musical friends and heroes during the festival.
It was a very difficult decision for him to make and he asked me to
apologize to his fans – he hopes to see you all again soon.
He is concentrating on gathering strength and healing before his next gig
(with Michael Smith, March 27 at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield PQ near Ottawa)
Many thanks to Brian Gladstone – Festival Director dealing with a thousand details – for wanting to wait to give Norm as much chance as possible to gather strength rather than making an immediate substitution when he learned Norm might not be the.  And Norm was ally touched when I ad the section about him in the Director’s port (below) to him on the phone.
As noted in earlier postings, Ron Nigrini (who performed Saturday as
scheduled) filled in beautifully for Norm on Sunday in both solo and
workshop slots, with wonderful comments about Norm.  They met early in their careers – Ron inspired Norm to be a songwriter and does a fabulous version of Norm's "Old Things in Love" on Norm's tribute album.
Brian Gladstone's first song in the Convocation Hall workshop was "Norm's
Living Room" – a song Brian wrote for the last night of Norm's guitar
evenings at the Tranzac, before we knew we were resuming at The Silver Dollar Room (now ended also).  The song is the last track on Brian's latest CD "Psychedelic Pholk Psongs."
On Saturday, Noah Zacharin was able to move from Oasis to the larger Rancho Relaxo for his 11:30 pm concert.  Michael Laderoute, Jeremy Woodland and Glen Hornblast – familiar to many he and certainly to Norm's Living Room family – provided a suprb end to the evening in the "Norm and guests" workshop.
For myself, I enjoyed Winterfolk and am delighted to hear that planning
will start for 2004.  In addition to providing a wonderful festival for
attendees, we all benefited from Brian and team's very thorough job on
promoting this event, which has to raise the profile of roots music at
least in the GTA.  Gat to see so much talent and folkie / blues friends
in one place!
At 12:23 AM 2/6/03 -0500, Brian Gladstone wrote:
>Winterfolk 2003 – Festival Director’s port
>To my good friend Norm Hacking who was not able to attend for reasons of
>health – your magic was truly missed. Your influence and encouragement
>were present and apparent through the performances of those who have
>learned from you. Get better soon Norm, as we need you healthy for next year.
Thanks everyone,
Shirley Gibson
Management for Norm Hacking  /
latest CD: "Orange Cats Make the Very Best Friends" with Kirk Elliott
lyrics for 8 songs online

FROM:  "donna" <>
Winterfolk 2003 – Festival Director’s port
Hi Brian:
In the near future I intend to write you a thank you letter for your
records. It was a very enjoyable experience. I also appreciated that only
did the one show and you allowed me the opportunity to play your festival as
a way of getting into the roll of things again.
warm regards and congratulations,
D. Marie

   FROM:  "Eddy B" <> Winterfolk   Thankx Brian  For allowing me to be part of your first Winterfolk Music Festival. I hope I did the job you entrusted in me. I can't speak for every one, but it looked like all the musicians and the people who came out thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Take care and… Sail on… Eddy B Banned from Blues radio for life.

FROM:  Wendell Ferguson <>

Re: Winterfolk 2003 – Festival Director's Report
Wendell here. I just wanted to say "Thank you" so much for including me in your fine festival. It was a pleasure to do my own set and both a pleasure and an honour to host the Masters of the 6 Stings set. That was truly fun and I think the audience really enjoyed the diverse and exceptional talent of all involved.  As for the other venues all within walking distance it was fantastic. I caught sets by Bill Candy, Marianne Grittani, Michael Picket, Galitcha, Josh White Jr., Madd Scientists, Melwood Cutlery and many others.
I don't know what your 'break-even' or "made-a-profit' numbers were but
judging by the happy look on people's faces and your fine network of
volunteers, I'd have to say it was a smashing success.
Thanks for all your hard work and I hope you keep it happening. It's just
what this city needs.
Wendell Ferguson 


Re: Winterfolk 2003 – Festival Director's Report
Congratulations!  I am so thrilled the weekend worked
out well for all of the hard workers who put their
hands into it. 
I, for one, had a great time.  Having many venues in
such a close area meant we performers could easily
support one another, and be reunited with our pals of
the Road.
Best wishes for all your future endeavors.
May they be as fruitful as the hat on Carmen
Miranda's hat.  (wasn't she the one?)

Global Radio

Feedback From The Media – Below are copies of emails received from media:

From: "Massimo Ferro" <>  Media Copy: 'Songs For a Better Planet Volume II'    …    some days ago I received a copy of "Songs For A Better Planet, Vol. II" and I now want to thank you so much for sending it to me. It is again a very fine and pleasant compilation and I immediately started playing it in my radio shows here at Radio Voce Spazio, as you can see from the alleged playlist. That CD will become an essential part of my musical diet and more songs from it will surely follow on air in the next weeks of course. In the meantime let me please thank you once again for your kind attention and wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year! Yours,  Massimo Ferro

 From: "Theo Oldenburg" <>  Thank you very much for sending the  'Songs For a Better Planet Volume  II'.Again, great music!  Best regards,  Theo Oldenburg  ALT.COUNTRY COOKING  Radio Winschoten  Webcast:

From: "eddie russell" <> OUTLAWS FOR PEACE RADIO  BROADCAST ALL OVER THE WORLD  Oh my……..' Songs For A Better World ' Vol 2… a powerful  collection of both material and entertainment . This is the best overall  complilation that you've sent , will be airing , and I certainly  appreciate what you're doing . Cheers & best wishes for ' 07 , Eddie

FROM: "chcr" <> … thanks to you, we played two tracks from the Song for a Better World on our new environmental activism show called One Earth. It gets replayed regularly, too! peanut butter CHCR Radio

FROM: mike <> RE: Mike the DJ, Mike the Frenchy, RADIO ISA, France Bonjour Brian,  Thanks for the very good musical compilation and above all for the good  fight. My daughter who is 20 is stuying environment protection so I am  more than informed on these problems. It is a very good thing to hear  voices coming from your country as you know your gouverment is not the  most active country for fighting pollution (Kyoto Treaty…) From here , USA don't give the feeling that they are ready to try to  change something in their way of consuming. But I 'm sure that with  time, men will have to change … Back to the music. I would say in this very particular case , the music  is just the background of a international cause. Honestly I didn't find a weak song , I didn't also find one  that is really above the others. I will air all of them from time to  time and I always give the translation to people to be sure they can get  the meaning .. Thanks again for the good music and highest congratuations for trying to do something to preserve this planet. Take care Mike from Lhuisiana, PENARD Mike c/o ISA Radio,  FRANCE

FROM: RE: Peace Songs for a Better World Hi Brian,  Thanks for sending me a copy of Song for a Better Planet. It's  important to me to have as many topical songs on subjects like ecology for my radio program. I have played and/or will be playing Global Warming Blues; For Whom; Pesticide Song; and The Air. Thanks again. Harlon Joye, Fox's Minstrel Show – WRFG, Atlanta, GA

FROM: "Theo Oldenburg" < RE: CD Songs for A Better Planet received Hello Brian, Thank you so much for the "Songs for A Better Planet" CD.  And it was a real pleasure to listen to this project. I sympathize with it's goals, but the music is also very good! Sure we will give airplay to "Songs for A Better Planet". I'll send a playlist then. Kind regards, Theo Oldenburg & Johanna Bodde – ALT.COUNTRY COOKING Radio Winschoten on-demand webcast: Member of the Dutch Roots Radio Ring

FROM: Arthur Elliott <> RE: Peace Songs For A Better World Brian – At last I have had the chance to listen to this CD. All I Can Say is :"Wow!"   Actually, I CAN say more than that. The CD comprises an inspired choice of  songs and artists, many of whom I have emailed to obtain some further  examples of their work. Congratulations on a fine outcome for this great  cause. I am thinking of featuring the CD on an edition of my programme soon. Regards, Arthur Elliott. "Sidestream" 99.7FM Brisbane, Australia.

FROM: "Massimo Ferro" <> TO: "Brian Gladstone" <>  'Peace Songs' is Album of the Week Hi Brian, here is Massimo Ferro from Italy and these are just a few lines to confirm that "Peace Songs For A Better World" arrived here regularly a couple of weeks ago. I thank you so much for sending it to me, I really enjoy nearly every song you choose for this laudable project and I alreayd played some of them, as you can see from the alleged playlists. I already decided that "Peace Songs.." will be "Album Of The Week" in one of my next radio shows here and be sure I'll let you know when this happens. I thank you again so much for your kind attention and take the chance to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! All the best, Massimo Ferro Radio Voce Spazio Italy

FROM: Lord Litter <> TO: Brian Gladstone <> Hi, —> soon! …. one of the songs from the CD made it into my new *Top 3* presentation .. info 'n playlist forthcoming!! cheerz Lord Litter

FROM: "Trevor Hyland" <> TO: Brian, Congratulations you have put together an exciting cd that portrays many important messages in a fantastic range of music. I will be spinning tracks on The Fresh 895 FM Trevor Hyland Victoria, Australia

FROM: Michel PENARD <> TO: Peace Songs For a Better World <> RE: Mike the DJ, Mike the Frenchy Dear Brian, So good to hear from you, to get good music and to see you involved in  such an association. Hope you are fine and ready for a real canadian winter…Here nothing  really new. Thanks so much for the CD. I can't say all the tracks fit my format but  some are OK. I have selected tracks 1,2,6,8 and 11 to be on the air from  tomorrow. I remind you my own and special way of airing music. I prefer to air songs by turn and only from time to time . When songs  come on my playlist, it is for a very long time butt they can be 2 weeks  on the air, disappear one month (or even more) , come back , there is no  precise rules , just the musical spirit of the program of the day. Once agai thanks for all. The Froggie send you a friendly "CROAK"! Please confirm you have got this email. Thanks Take care Mike PENARD Mike c/o ISA MILIEU FRANCE

TO: "Brian Gladstone" <> RE: A better world Dear Brian, Thanks for your Peace CD, it arrived today. It will be play listed soon. Visit us at: Joe Vincent, Waterford. IRELAND Please Join The Highland Music Forum

FROM:  "Trevor Hyland" <> TO: DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 05:32:46 -0400 (EDT)   Brian, Would enjoy receiving a copy of "PSFABW" for airtime on my show on The Fresh 895 FM Bendigo Australia. Loved your last release – you have a problem living up to that. Trevor Hyland, Bendigo, Victoria. Australia 3550

 FROM:  "Chip Eagle" <> TO:        <> RE:        Peace Songs Per Brian Gladstone's instructions, I am requesting a copy of Peace Songs for consideration for review in FolkWax (, the largest subscribed singer/songwriter weekly. Please forward to:  FolkWax Magazine West Des Moines, Iowa 50265

 FROM:  "Massimo Ferro" <> TO:        "Brian Gladstone" <> DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 16:53:10 +0200    Dear Brian,     I thank you so much for your staying in touch and keep me informed about your many musical activities. I should be obviously interested in receiving "Peace Songs For A Better World" for giving it some air time and I hope there is still a copy for me: be sure that I shall play it in my radio shows here on Radio Voce Spazio and then send you some playlists, in case you are interested in seeing what I use to do here.     Hoping you provide with satisfying this request of mine, I thank you again so much for your kind attention.            All the best, Massimo Ferro Radio Voce Spazio Italy

FROM: TO: Thank you for the opportunity to reserve a copy of your "PEACE SONGS FOR A  BETTER WORLD'  CD." In the interest of the 200 copies getting into the  hands of those that can best promote it through airplay and print I have  forwarded your e-mail to various Djs & reviewers that would give the CD the  attention it deserves. When the CD purchasing details are available please let me know and I will  spread the word on behalf of Iridescent Music. We will purchase a copy along the way as Iridescent Music doesn't review  CDs at this time. Best to you with your endeavours. Best  regards, Kelly  Iridescent Music  Kelly  Wallace Promotion &  Marketing

 FROM:  "Noel Parry" <> RE:        Re Peace Songs For A Better World  We would like to order a copy of this disc for airplay here in New Zealand. We broadcast on —-Radio Southland here in Invercargill City, with 3 programs.   Kindest Regards   Neil Murch & Noel Parry

FROM: TO: DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 12:50:05 +1000   Dear Brian,    In response to your email, I am writing to request a promo CD  – "Peace Songs for a Better World".   I reckon that tracks from this CD would find an appreciative audience via my "JuzBlooz" program.  I report to Living Blues Monthly Top 25, Blues-L, Blues-DJ and Blues-Oz mail lists.  Thanks for your consideration.  My mailing address is below.  Regards, Martin "Lester" Dunstan "Lester" presents "JuzBlooz" on Tuesdays at 8.30 pm, 3WAY FM 103.7 MHz, Warrnambool, AUSTRALIA

  FROM:  "Michael Stock" <> TO:        <>  Greetings, I do a folk music radio show and would like to request a promo copy of your CD. Thanks   Michael Stock WLRN Radio

FROM:  eli marcus <> TO: DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 21:05:44 +0200   Hello, I am a program editor and consultant to Radio 88FM in Israel, which is one of the stations in the IBA – Israel Broadcast  Authority ( I would be very glad to receive the Peace Songs For A Better World CD and play it  on Radio 88FM. My mailing address: — Eli Marcus Bluesman Productions Tel Aviv Israel   thank you, Eli Marcus

FROM:  Arthur Elliott <> Brian   In response to your recent posting, my name is Arthur Elliott, and I have produced and presented the weekly radio programme 'Sidestream" on Brisbane, Australia Radio 99.7FM since 1992. The programme includes singer/songwriter, folk & roots, acoustic, Celtic, bluegrass, world music, the blues, and beyond. I am interested in putting the above music to my listeners.  It certainly sounds like a worthwhile project.  Please forward a CD to me . I always acknowledge receipt, and my playlists can be found weekly on the international bulletin board folkdj-l.  Many thanks, Arthur.

FROM: TO: DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 13:24:17 EDT   Sounds fascinating.  Could you send a copy for possible airplay on Fox's Minstrel Show, WRFG, Atlanta, GA (Sundays 7-10 PM) ?  Thanks.   Harlon Joye

 FROM: TO: DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 12:14:04 EDT   Hi, there…  Sure, count me in; sounds potentially quite intriguing.    I'm the host  of a morning drive time show on KRCL in Salt Lake City. We're a 25,000-watt  non-commercial community station celebrating twenty four years on the air. With  translators, simulcasts, and such, our signal can be heard by most folks in  Utah, as well as in parts of Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada. We also webcast at   I play a mix of music, with an emphasis on contemporary  folk, singer-songwriter stuff, and jazz vocals, but with a bit of world, spoken  word, blues, bluegrass, old soul, and whatever else appeals thrown into the mix. Susanne

 FROM:  Tom Knapp <> TO:        Brian Gladstone <>   RE:        Re: RESERVE PLAY / REVIEW COPY: 'PEACE SONGS FOR A BETTER WORLD'  CD  Certainly, send it along!    Tom Knapp, Rambles.NET editor Lancaster PA 17603 U.S.A.

 FROM:  Paul Norton <> TO:        Brian Gladstone <> DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 07:15:11 -0700   Hi, Brian.  Sounds great – would like one.  -p.   __________________________________ Paul Norton CFRO 102.7 fm Vancouver, BC V5N 5R5

FROM:  "Kruse" <> TO:        <> DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 23:12:07 +1000   Hi, I saw your offer on the folk dj list, and I would like to receive a copy of "Peace Songs For A Better World" for airplay here in Australia. My address is: Aline Kruse KEMPSEY  NSW  2440 AUSTRALIA  Thank you in advance.  Cheers Aline

FROM: TO: DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 08:41:54 EDT  Brian…  Please send me a copy of "Peace Songs for a Better World'.  Thanks for  the offer to send a CD and thanks for your effort on behalf of a better  world.  Tom Jackson WLUW 88.7 FM Loyola University Chicago, IL 60626

FROM:  DWells <> TO:   I'd be interested in reviewing a copy of it, Brian.   Diane Wells Hamilton, ON  L8N 3V2

  FROM:  "henry prokop" <> TO: DATE:    Tue, 21 Sep 2004 16:40:59 +1000     G'day Brian,   I think this certainly has possiblities.  Henry Prokop 101FM * Honky Tonk Blues QLD.  4005 Australia.   Thanks, All the best Henry  

FROM:  "" <> TO:   Hi Brian, Please use as my e-mail as the one fills up with at least 250 spam a day. Looking forward to a promo copy if available and thanks. Thanks, Joe Vincent. Post Box 39, Waterford. Ireland.

FROM:  "Terry B. Moses and Naomi Soule" <> TO:        Brian Gladstone <> DATE:    Wed, 22 Sep 2004 10:30:48 -0700 (PDT) We would be interested in a copy of "Peace Songs For a Better World" for airplay on The Acoustic Edge.  Thanks for your interest. Naomi Soule Terry Moses KCLC Acoustic Edge Saint Louis, MO  63104-3459 Take care, Naomi and Terry 

FROM:  "Rikk M." <> TO:        Brian Gladstone <> DATE:    Wed, 22 Sep 2004 09:54:51 -0700 (PDT)  Yeah, welll the contact is easy since I am the only person on my staff.. Would love to be a part of this worthwhile project …  Rikk Matheson Lubec, ME

FROM: Dynamic Recording DATE: Tue, 10 May 2005 RE: WDYN Is Playing YOU ! Songs For A Better Planet. GREAT CD. We have started playing it and will be playing all cuts. Dave Kaspersin WDYN We like your cd. We have you in rotation. Rotation at WDYN means we will keep playing your cuts for a LONG time round the clock. We are here in the studio 9 to 5, Mon – Sat, Eastern US time. If you send an e-mail during that time we will try to play you right away. We record every show to cd, so you are played through the night as well. (Which is during the day somewhere. Thank you Web 🙂 If you have other cd's out, please send. Dynamic Independent Radio 100.1 FM Rochester, NY

FROM: "Frank Moore" <> DATE: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 02:19:37 -0700 Hi! We love your cd! We have played the whole thing on And it is now in luver's you are often on luver! When you have more stuff [old or new], send it to luver! In freedom, Frank Moore Watch/Listen to Love Underground Visionary Revolution (LUVeR)  Get your news at LUVeR Alternative News