Apr 14 2006

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Peace Songs For a Better World – Volume II

The songs encompass anthemic and hymnal styles along with new-Country, alt-Rock, Folk, Celtic and Pop, and deal in turns with Peace derived from simple everyday things, Peace nurtured through introspective worship.

 Peace can mean many different things to different people —a fact vividly demonstrated by the 11-song compilation Peace Songs For A Better World, Volume Two. Who knew Peace could be so exciting!

Brian Gladstone, Producer © Copyright-Compilation
Record Label: The Association of Artists For A Better World

The tunes —by artists from Canada, the U.S. and Australia, selected from hundreds of submissions sent to to the non-profit 'The Association of Artists For A Better World— vary markedly in genre, character, tone and the kind of peace they focus on. But despite the diversity this collection has a coherent feel and the quality of production, like the level of the art, is outstanding.

The songs encompass anthemic and hymnal styles along with new-Country, alt-Rock, Folk, Celtic and Pop, and deal in turns with Peace derived from simple everyday things, Peace nurtured through introspective worship, Peace as reconciliation to the unfairness of life, Peace as result of or alternative to war and Peace as the joyous by-product of love and understanding.

There are pleasant ditties such as “The Little Things” and “Why Am I Amazed”; there are stirring hymnal anthems such as “Prayer” and “Everyone Sing”; there are tunes of a heavier, even alarming cast such as “War” and “A Time For New Beginnings”. All of the songs are uplifting and edifying in one way or another and listening to the entire album is an inspiring event that will assure you you’re not alone in your hopes for a better life.

While different listeners will naturally have their particular favourites, most will discover several tunes that will stay with them long after the disc is done and which can be expected to find their own niches of popularity once they get broader exposure.

Peace Songs for a Better World Volume II is an anthology of original songs with themes of peace. Tracks 1 – 10 on this CD have been selected for their excellence, among the hundreds of submissions we received from all over the globe. We express our sincere thanks and recognition to every submitting artist for making a difference in the world.

        Peace Songs For A Better World – Volume II

        Artist                                                 Title                                     Time             Location

1     Fruit                                                     Peace                                     4:46             Adelaide, Australia
2     Vivek Shraya                                      War                                       4:29             Ontario, Canada
3     Claudia DiNatale                              The Little Things                 4:07             Ontario, Canada
4     The Warrior Poetes                          Why Am I Amazed?            3:08            Connecticut, U.S.A
5     Giasone Italiano                                Home (A Soldier's Song)    4:58            Ontario, Canada
6     Lourdes Pita                                       Now is the Time                  3:48            Massachusetts, U.S.A.
7     Codie Prevost                                     Life Without Love                3:18           Saskatchewan , Canada
8     Trina Willard                                       Prayer                                     3:18           Washington, U.S.A.
9     Melineh Kurdian                                 World                                      3:31            California, U.S.A.
10   The Splitters                                       Everyone Sing                      4:00           Melbourne, Australia
11    Brian Gladstone                                A Time For New Beginnings 4:42           Ontario, Canada

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