Sep 22 2012

Personal Sponsorship

This is the first year we have offered personal sponsorship opportunities for individuals and groups.

Personal Sponsorship Packages

One Time – Click on the items below to donate.

[add_to_cart item=”$10 Monthly” showprice=”no” text=”One time $25.00 Donation” ]

[add_to_cart item=”WF50-001″ showprice=”no” text=”One Time $50.00 Donation” ]

[add_to_cart item=”WF100-001″ showprice=”no” text=”One Time $100.00 Donation” ]

[add_to_cart item=”WF250-001″ showprice=”no” text=”One Time $250.00 Donation” ]

[add_to_cart item=”WF500-001″ showprice=”no” text=”One Time $500.00 Donation” ]

Monthly Recurring

Can be cancelled at any time

[add_to_cart item=”$10 Monthly” showprice=”no” text=”Donate $10.00 Monthly”]

[add_to_cart item=”$20 Monthly” showprice=”no” text=”Donate $20.00 Monthly” ] you enjoy the music, then help to support the festival. 

It’s a simple formula. If you enjoy the music, then help to support the festival.

Your support of Winterfolk will help us to continue to present quality roots and blues music on an ongoing basis, and as well provide paid performance opportunities for artists. The majority of our budget goes to performing artists, most of whom are local talent. You donation goes directly into the roots community and for the enrichment of the art form for all to enjoy. More About Winterfolk

All Personal Sponsors Receive

  • ‘I Support Roots Music in Toronto’ badges – so you will not be asked for a donation at the door.
  • Name recognition on our website, with thanks.

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