May 14 2011

Protest Songs For A Better World Volume IV

protestsongsv4Protest music has been around since as long as there have been songs, as early history records minstrels singing laments and story songs describing the underside of the human condition.

That tradition continues and on this album a disparate collection of artists that ranges from a veteran member of the New Christie Minstrels to young alt Folk tyros demonstrate that it’s not going away any time soon.

There are many memorable tunes here that stretch the boundaries of Roots-based music, marrying it with humour, Pop and jugband styles among others. Among the gems is William Florian of the New Christie Minstrels urging that it’s “Time For A Change” in a lilting Pop ditty that shows his 60s roots. Street-folk sensation Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party delivers a sarcastic send up of religious fanatics in “It’s Good To Have Faith In The Lord”. In the ethereal and haunting “Let That Rich Man Pay For A Change” Janet Bates points a finger at the insensitivity of the wealthy. Damien Coen brings a playful turkey-straw sound to bear as he excoriates the hypocrisy of patriotism “In The USA”. Molly Hamilton employs shattering irony in the upbeat but pointed “Make A Wonderful Day” and The Monkey Bunch employ a marching band approach to telling us “Don’t Let Your Cars Idle”.

The wide range of styles and subject matter of this compilation of ten thought-provoking and musically entertaining tunes from around the world will educate and provoke you, while also offering much tuneful delight.



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