Nov 29 2007

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Protest Songs For A Better World Vol. II



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Brian Gladstone, Producer, © Copyright-A Better World

Proceeds from CD sales donated to 'Earth Day Canada


Protest Songs for A Better World, Volume II, is an anthology of original songs with themes for an Improved Earth. All tracks have been selected for their excellence, among the hundreds of submissions we received from all over the globe. We express our sincere thanks and recognition to every submitting artist for making a difference in the world. Other tracks were by invitation of the producer. Protest Songs for a Better World is a collection of songs and stories contributed by artists who want to change our world with their words. The history of the world has always been shaped by differences among men. Although everyone wants the same things from life – freedom, compassion, understanding, dignity and some love – too often the path to our fulfillment crosses goals and visions and leads to conflict and tension. No more shall we inflict destruction in the name of holiness. For thousands of years the voices of change have been immortalized in song and verse, and passed down through countless generations. Peaceful protest is the essence of modern change, and we offer Protests Songs For a Better World to the world as and expression of changes for the better from dedicated artists who want to make a difference.

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