Apr 30 2005

Songs For A Better Planet

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Brian Gladstone, Producer, © Copyright-A Better World  

Proceeds from CD sales are donated to ‘Earth Day Canada’

‘The Association of Artists for A Better World’ is a registered non-profit organization founded by Brian Gladstone in 2004. Our mission is to inform, encourage, and stimulate artist awareness of social and ecological issues; then take their words all over the world, so their voices can be heard.

<< Jed Goldberg (left), President of Earthday Canada, Brian Gladstone (right) Celebrate the Launch of ‘Songs for A Better Planet’ CD.

Songs for a Better Planet is an anthology of original songs with themes for an Improved Earth. Tracks 1 – 10 on this CD have been selected for their excellence, among the hundreds of submissions we received from all over the globe. We express our sincere thanks and recognition to every submitting artist for making a difference in the world. Tracks 11 and12were by invitation of the producer. The fragile beauty of the natural world has always been a source of musical inspiration. Today, the urgent need to protect the environment is prompting a wealth of passionate new songs. “Songs for a Better Planet” is a new international compilation album that directs all sales proceeds to Earth Day Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the state of the environment by empowering and helping Canadians to take positive environmental action.

 “Songs for a Better Planet” consists of twelve new songs, selected from hundreds submitted for the project, written by independent music artists who make compelling personal statements in support of the earth. Blues, folk, jazz, country, roots and rock influences can be heard throughout this contemporary acoustic-focused record. A wide range of artists are represented from three Canadian provinces and five U.S. states. Although the musicians all present highly individual songs, “Songs for a Better Planet” is a unified project that reflects the diversity of voices in today’s earth-conscious community

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