Sep 08 2004

A Better World, One Song At A Time

reprinted from to-nite Magazine, GTA CORE –  Issue 329, Sept. 9 – 22, 2004

Brian Gladstone Trying To Make  A Better World – One Song At a Time

 You may call him a dreamer, but Brian Gladstone’s not the only one. The self-described ‘psychedelic pholkie’, who’s also the impresario behind the now annual Winterfolk February Folk festival (the third edition takes place this Feb. 4-6 ‘05) has started up yet another new initiative to promote local music and, hopefully, improve the mental environment. The Association of Artists For A Better World is a non-profit organization Gladstone has registered to “advocate artistic activism” by stimulating artists’ “awareness of social, cultural and ecological issues” and encouraging them to express their understanding through their art. To get the ball rolling, Gladstone has assembled a collection of songs from artists across the country whose songs he became aware of through their applications for or performances at Winterfolk. A compilation disc, Peace Songs For A Better World, contains 15 original tunes and is now available for sale at .  A follow-up disc, 'Songs For A Better Planet', is scheduled for release in January. Gladstone also continues to hold a very successful weekly open stage at artist-friendly Renaissance Café at 1938 Danforth Ave. a block west of Woodbine. He’s bringing is some of Folk’s local superstars as weekly feature guests, including Noah Zacharin (Sept. 9), Michael Laderoute (Sept. 16) and, coming Sept. 30, Suzie Vinnick. In the midst of all that the gifted fingerpicker also finds time to perform — recently he placed fourth in the Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition. by Gary 17

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