Feb 10 2008

2009 Winterfolk Festival

Reprinted from Guitar Licks and Tips

By: Chris Category:. The 2009th Winterfolk Festival is a roots/folk/blues festival that is held in the East end of Toronto known as The Danforth, in selected Pubs. This years event will be held from Feb. 13th – 15th. The shows venues are located in one of the greatest neighbourhoods in the city! This congregation of musically like minded individuals, will be gathering at local Pubs located in between Broadview and Chester subway stations. The roots/folk/blues winter festival will provide listeners the opportunity to listen to warm summer music, during the cold blistering time of the calendar. This year’s price of admission is designed to reflect the economics of our times. If your smart, you’ll get tickets in advance at $5.00, it’s cheaper then a pint, $10.00 at the door! The line up is both familiar and new. You have the ones I have heard like Brain Gladstone, Bob Snider and Danny Marks. Now thrown into this years set are some that I’m not all that accustomed to. Like Ariana Gillis, David Leask or Evaristo Machado. The latter one may ring a bell or two with a buddy of mine a Peter Schmidt, I gotta get a hold of him come to think about it! So check out the list of performers at the annual Winterfolk and come on in from out of the cold for some warm cider and blistering music.

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