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Sep 20 2012

The Spawning of Winterfolk

In a recent flashback moment, as I was pondering about the upcoming Winterfolk XI, and how it grew from a simple 'dream'. But then I realized that Winterfolk was spawned as the result of an unthinking and spontaneous response, and the 'dream' part didn’t come till later.

I’ve learned that all things are connected, and more so everything happens in its own time at exactly the right moment. Well, eleven years later I still emit a minor chortle whenever I recollect how it all began. I’ve told this story before – Im not proud –  and I certainly think it is a fitting opening to my new blog. Continue reading

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Sep 11 2012

Welcome to Brian’s Blog

This is the first entry in my blog. Hopefully I will post something every week or two. Part of my goal is to have an increased FB presence, get more involved in the postings – as I have mostly delegated this task to others in the past – and become more visible and personal to our fans and audience.   Continue reading

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