Feb 21 2011

Winterfolk IX

February 18 – 21, 2011 Toronto Canadawinterfolklogolores

150 Artists on 7 Stages For 4 Days of Roots and Blues Music

Winterfolk is a Free Family Festival All Ages Are Welcomed

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Community Music Programs at Winterfolk

Winterfolk works within our community with various music organizations to offer them stages at our festival to increase their public visibility and membership, offer exposure for their events, and in general assist them to meet the goals of their mission statement. interfolk lists community organizations in our printed program and various forms of promotion.


Four Strong Wins at Winterfolk




Winterfolk provides paid work for over 100 artists in February.



Winterfolk brings needed revenues to the area at a slow time of year.



Winterfolk Engages, Entertains and Involves the Community.



Winterfok enhances and expands the artform.



I Support Roots Music In Toronto 

Buttons are available for a voluntary donation at all Winterfolk Venues.

Did You Know?

Winterfolk VIII is a non-profit organization registered in the Province of Ontario. We have no full time employees, and are fueled by a team of volunteers. Winterfolk hires and pays over 100 artists. Winterfolk brings communities together, and brings much needed revenues to the area merchants. Please be generous with your donations. Thank you.


Schedules are available on entry to Winterfolk venues.





Eastminster Church Auditorium

More Details

Doors @ 7 pm


7:30  Jack Marks & The Lost Wages

8:30  The Warped 45s

9:30  Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party

10:30  The Minotaurs


Winterfolk Venues

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* All Venues are All Ages

* Danforth Cafe is Alcohol Free


Winterfolk IX Venues 

Black Swan Tavern – 2 Stages 154 Danforth Ave
Mambo Lounge 120 Danforth Ave
Eastminster United Church 310 Danforth Avenue
Danforth Cafe In the Danforth Baptist Church 60 Bowden Street (corner of Danforth & Bowden)
Dora Keogh 141 Danforth Ave
Terri O's Sports Bar 185 Danforth Ave

Winterfolk IX Dates and Times

Friday February 18 7:00 PM to Midnight
Saturday February 19 1:00 PM to Midnight
Sunday February 20 1:00 PM to Midnight
Monday February 21 1:00 to 6:00 PM (Family Day)

Winterfolk IX Schedule

Community Music Presentation Winterfolk works within our community with various music organizations to offer them stages at our festival  

Paid Performance All Winterfolk Stages are Free (no admission price) except for one stage, shown in this colour.

Artist Workshop (multi-artist themed Performance) Ideas and concepts for Workshops have been conceived and proposed by the presenting artists.

For Little Kids, and Big Kids of all ages

Advance Reservations Suggested



Friday February 18, 2011


Black Swan Tavern

Mambo Lounge

Terri O's

Dora Keogh

Danforth Cafe

Located in Danforth Baptist Church

2nd Floor

Long & McQuade Stage

Main Floor


 Songwriters Unite Host Russell Leon Opens then presents Collette Savard & John Zyteruck, Neil Conway, Kristin Lindell, Heather Chappel, Vince Peet , Erica Werry, Scott Maynard, Kat Goldman, Alise Marlane , Marcus Walker


Laura Fernandez with Don Naduriak  Aaron McGill & Dan Shantz (Miliitis Rue)   The Blackwood Two Ania Ziemirska


Joanne Crabtree & Margaret Stowe 

Laura Fernandez  with Don Naduriak  Mikel Miller with Kevin Bell  Sue & Dwight  Rosemary Phelan & Jason Leprade


  Brock Zeman David Celia & Joan Besen Tony Quarrington   Jory Nash  The Blackest Crow

 Dan McVeigh


 Steve Paul Simms and John Jackson  Brian Gladstone & Tony Quarrington Evaristo Machado Danny Marks Nonie Crete The Story Behind the Song Host Rosemary Phelan with Jory Nash, David Celia,  David Lum, & Jack Marks.


Danny Marks HOTCHA! Evaristo Machado Michael Brennan The Art of Improvisation Instant Songs Host Jon Davis with, Dave Celia,  Dave Lang on bass  

Saturday February 19, 2011


Black Swan Tavern

Mambo Lounge

Terri O's

Dora Keogh

Danforth Cafe  Located in Danforth Baptist Church

2nd Floor

Long & McQuade Stage

Main Floor


 NSAI Presents Best of Nashville Songwriters Assoc.

Hour 1  Host Dan McVeigh with

Debra Alexander

John Di Battista
Dean Stacey   

Hour 2 Host Shaun Devlin with Barbara Lynn Doran

Chase Stevens

David Lavkulik

 Toronto Fingerstyle Guitar Host Dunstan Morey opens then presents guests Jo-Anne Park, Ron Bloor, Des McCann, Steve Shorter, Randy Finney. Pickers wanted –  drop by and sign up for last half hour.

Ania Ziemirska David Lum

Speak Music Presents Bev Kreller hosts, with guests

Josh Wilkinson,

The McDales

Abigail Lapell,

 William & Polly,

Bram Cherun,

Grainne Ryan,

The Wanted



 Sue & Dwight Mike Masse


 SAC Presents Award Winning Songwriters  Play and talk about their tunesDavid Leask, Jory Nash, D`Arcy Wickham, Melwood Cutlery

 Seneca College Independent Music Program Host and instructor  John Switzer presents Justice R.F.,
Nika Smith,
Andrew Hyatt,
Emma Sunstrum,
Erin Bolton,
Bram Cherun,
Joey O'Neil & more.



 David Lum Tony Quarrington Brock Zeman


 Glen Hornblast  Dan McVeigh Irish Song Circle

Deb Quigley and Uilein Piper lead a traditional Irish music session. Players welcome.


 Best of Acoustic Afternoons Open Stage Dan MacLean Jr. Opens, with Hour 1 Katie Regan, Mark Denington, Steven Morrison Hour 2  Carlin Belof, Trevor Jones, Tyler Ellis

Mike Masse David Celia & Joan Besen  


Melwood Cutlery with Dan Whiteley  Louise Ford

Terri O's is closed Saturday Evening

Check out the

Eastminster Church – One Performance Only

 Winterfolk IX Feature Presentation

7:30  Jack Marks & The Lost Wages

8:30  The Warped 45s

9:30  Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party

10:30  The Minotaurs


Brock Zeman

Put Some Afro in Your Roots The Donfors joined by Minotaurs' Nathan Lawr  combine Jazz, Afro, Funk bass, and rhythm for their special sound.

Tony Quarrington David Leask


Songs of Social Justice Host Glen Hornblast, with Peter Verity, Mikel Miller, David Leask, Sue & Dwight

Finger Pickin' the Blues Mr. Rick , Mose Scarlett, Michael Jerome Browne 

Evaristo Machado David Nigel Lloyd David Hein


Saturday Saints Jon Davis Laura Fernandez Louise Ford D'Arcy Wickham


The Guitar Boys of Alderon Big Rude Jake  Evaristo Machado The DoneFors Eve Goldberg


Michael Jerome Browne Betty Supple Band Margaret Stowe Trio  

Sunday February 20, 2011


Black Swan Tavern

Mambo Lounge

Terri O's

Dora Keogh

Danforth Cafe

Located in Danforth Baptist Church

2nd Floor

Long & McQuade Stage

Main Floor


Best of Ten Feet Tall Open Stage Host Gary 17 presents Hour1

Roger Zuraw,

Chris Casserly,

Steve Raiken,

John Layton Hour 2 Steve Morrison, Trevor Jones,

Peter Solmes,

Paul Cross,

Murray Powell

Stouffville Artists Showcase Host Jim Priebe presents  Marie-Lynn Hammond with D`Arcy Wickham,  Erwin Shack, Glen Marias, Ewan Dobson John DiBatista  Moonshine Cafe Presents best of the open stage  with host John Marlett Arts Can Circle Carol Teal opens then presents guests Hour1  HOTCHA!, Noah Zacharin Hour2    Joanne Crabtree, Jason LaPrade & Rosemary Phelan  


 Aaron McGill & Dan Shantz (Miliitis Rue)


 Guitar Jam – Always one of our most exciting shows!  Tony Quarrington and Margaret Stowe start, then invite guests Shawn Brush, Jimmie Bowskill, Mr. Rick, Noah Zacharin and more guitar Aces will join.


 Blues Songwriting  Host Gary Kendall on bass, with by Ken Yoshioka on harp, Big Rude Jake on 6 string  Peter Wildman  GCDC John DiBatista


Songs of the Spirit Gospel Music Host Eve Goldberg with Tannis Slimmon, Michael Jerome Browne, and more Paul Languille  The Danforth Sound Pete Otis hosts with guests Hour1 Peter Verity, Pat Little, Chris Casserly Hour2 Herb Dale, Jace, John Romas, Dellukka, Paul Cross


Matthew DeZoete


Ken Yoshioka Steve Payne Writing Music for Theatre Successful playwrights David Hein, Tony Quarrington, James Gordon and more Nonie Crete 


 Fingerstyle Frenzy  D'Arcy Wickham, Steve Payne, Noah Zacharin & more  Tannis Slimmon  Matthew DeZoete  Laura Fernandez with  Noah Zacharin Paul Languille


Erin Hill & Her Psychedelic Harp

Cross Cultural Roots  Danny Simmons and Kristin Cavoukian  from Saturday Saints play guitar, banjo, and mix it up from Bluesgrass  to Armenian Folk lore, and more.  Joanne Crabtree & Margaret Stowe  Steve Payne Shawn Brush


The DoneFors

An Evening With Borealis RecordsThe Best in Canadian Folk Music Presents 8:00  Eve Goldberg 8:45 James Gordon 9:30  Melwood Cutlery with Dan Whiteley 10:15 Michael Jerome Browne 11:00 Mose Scarlett with Tony Quarrington,  and likely some guests

The Blackwood Two Steve Paul Simms and John Jackson Why So Glum Chum? Songs to make you laugh with Peter Wildman, Tony Quarrington, and more


The Guitar Boys of Alderon Betty Supple Michael Brennan The Blackest Crow


Porkbelly Futures Peter Verity Kristen Sweetland Women With Words  Betty Supple,  Rosemary Phelan, Tannis Slimmon, Joanne Crabtree


David Essig  Jon Davis Jimmy Bowskill The Horables

Monday February 21, 2011 – Family Day !


Black Swan Tavern

Mambo Lounge

Terri O's

Dora Keogh

Danforth Cafe

Located in Danforth Baptist Church

2nd Floor

Long & McQuade Stage

Main Floor


 Music for the Good Times and Bad Host HOTCHA!  with Michael Brennan, The Saturday Saints, Peter Verity  Audience Participation Songwriting Host James Gordon divides audience into groups, each  assigned an artist, to write and perform a song, Eve Goldberg, Joanne Crabtree, David Hein  Kristin Sweetland

 Remembering Norm Hacking Host Glen Hornblast –  Anecdotes and tunes from those who knew the late Norm with Mikel Miller,  and more. 

 Andrew Queen entertains kids of all ages!  


Songs of Canada Peter Verity, Sue and Dwight Brian Gladstone Beth Anne Cole (from Mr. Dressup & Sesame St.) with Tony Quarrington David Nigel Lloyd


 The Horables Kristin Sweetland  Mr. Rick  Beth Anne Cole (from Mr. Dressup & Sesame St.) with Tony Quarrington  Noah Zacharin Erin Hill & Her Psychedelic Harp


Middle Aged Guys with Guitars David Essig with Tony Quarrington

 Ukulele Speakeasy Hosted by Bob Cutler with members of the Corktown Ukulele Jam   including Sue Cutler,

Michael Griffin,

Heather Katz,

Tony Burns,

Eve Goldberg,

Debbie Fleming,

David Olsen,

Pete LeBlanc,

Frank Paldino & more.

Freeman Dre up Close Rising star Freeman away from the big band,  in duet plays and talks about his tunes.  Andrew Queen entertains kids of all ages! Story Telling in Song Meet enchanted harps, pirates, a lovesick frog and more with balladeer & tale-teller David Nigel Lloyd  Hoola Hoops and Tunes – Just Bring your  Hips – Betty Supple & Laurel Collins bring the hoops and the fun.


  Gary Kendall Band  Ken Yoshioka  Old Time Guitar Boys Mose Scarlett, Mr. Rick, Big Rude Jake, David Essig HOTCHA!



February 18 – 21, 2011 Toronto Canada

Winterfolk IX Artists

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Artists: Aaron McGill * Dan Shantz (Miliitis Rue) * Best of Acoustic Afternoons with Dan McLean Jr. * Andrew Queen * Beth Anne Cole * Best of Ten Feet Tall Acoustic Open Stage * Betty Supple * Big Rude Jake * Brian Gladstone * Brock Zeman * Caroll Teal & David Joyce for Artscan Circle * Dan McVeigh * Danny Marks * D'Arcy Wickham * David Celia & Joan Besen * David Essig * David Hein * David Leask * David Lum * David Nigel Lloyd * Erin Hill and Her Psychedelic Harp * Eve Goldberg * Fingerstyle Guitar of Toronto * Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party * Gary Kendall Band * GCDC * Glen Hornblast * HOTCHA! *  Jack Marks & the Lost Wages * James Gordon * Jimmy Bowskill * Joanne Crabtree & Margaret Stowe * John DiBatista * Jon Davis * Jory Nash * Ken Yoshioka * Kristin Sweetland * Laura Fernandez * Louise Ford * Margaret Stowe * atthew DeZoete * Melwood Cutlery & Dan Whiteley * Michael Brennan * Michael Jerome Browne * Mike Masse * Mikel Miller * Mose Scarlett * Mr. Rick * Noah Zacharin * Nonie Crete * Paul Langille * Pete Otis – The Danforth Sound * Peter Verity * Peter Wildman * Porkbelly Futures *Rosemary Phelan / Jason LePrade * Saturday Saints * Shawn Brush * Steve Paul Simms & John Jackson * Steve Payne * Sue & Dwight * Tannis Slimmon * The Blackest Crow * The Blackwood Two * The Donefors * The Horables * The Minotaurs * The Warped 45s * Tony Quarrington *         

Artscan Circle presented by Carol Teal

  • Winterfolk Program of Building Communities Through Participation

ArtsCan Circle sends teams of artists and musicians to remote Indigenous communities to engage the youth in hands-on workshops in visual arts, music and drama. Returning to each participating community annually or more often, we build relationships, teach skills and provide opportunities for positive self-expression. We also bring donated musical instruments to each participating community providing youth access to instruments on an on-going basis.
For more information please visit www.artscancircle.ca www.facebook.com/pages/ArtsCan-Circle/129454145654?ref=ts

Andrew Queen

  • Winner, 2010 Canadian Folk Music Award for Children’s Album of the Year!
  • Winner, 2010 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award for Too Tall
  • Winner, second-place in the Children’s Category of the International Songwriting Competition, 2009 for ”Big Troubles for Little Red.”

Andrew Queen is Too Tall and his songs are guaranteed to stretch out your smile muscles! Catchy lyrics get everyone singing right along with his original Fairy Tale tunes and new takes on old campfire favourites. Andrew’s body bending action songs get folks hustling and hopping. His latest album, Too Tall, won the 2010 Canadian Folk Music Award for Children’s Album of the Year.www.andrewqueen.ca http://www.facebook.com/pages/Andrew-Queen/181666579014

Ania Ziemirska

  • Released debut EP in May 2010

Ania Ziemirska’s whiskey and honey-dipped vocals pour over edgy-folk and pop-infused melodies. Written over the course of a year in 2007-2008, her debut EP, I Was The Girl captures a pivotal moment in the evolution of an artist. Songs of longing, love and hope, with a dash of sarcasm, garner her inevitable comparisons to Sarah McLachlan, Chrissie Hynde and Martha Wainwright. aniazmusic.com

Best of Acoustic Afternoons at Sarah's Cafe Bar

  • Winterfolk Program of Building Communities Through Participation

”Acoustic Afternoon” is an ”everyone’s welcome” open stage, every Sunday afternoon from 3-6pm, at Sarah’s Café & Bar, 1426 Danforth Ave. Host Dan McLean Jr provides a friendly, supportive, co-operative, non-competitive event for all ages. Usually, we have as many people coming to listen as there are playing!

Beth Anne Cole

  • ”Mr.Dressup”, CBC-TV: Beth Anne”, regular singer-actor for 22 years
  • Soloist (with Alvin Epstein), songs of Kurt Weill, Carnegie Hall, New York, 2002
  • Singer-songwriter of two CDs: Gifts in the Old, Old Ground” and ”Song under the Stair”; songwriter-performer, ”Sesame Street”

About Beth Anne Cole, the Toronto Star wrote: She has the timing of true artistry”; the Boston Globe: ”A superb-singer actress”. Beth Anne is comfortable in concert halls, theatres and especially in intimate surroundings such as ”Winterfolk” where she can perform with her trademark candor, humour and musicality. She has entertained family audiences narrating and singing with symphony orchestras such as the Edmonton Symphony, and on television’s ”Mr. Dressup” and ”Sesame Street” programs. She loves folk music, has recorded a Cd of Yiddish folksongs and is very happy to be singing with guitarist and fellow folksong lover Tony Quarrington.

Best of Ten Feet Tall Open Stage

  • Winterfolk Program of Building Communities Through Participation

Ten Feet Tall is a destination room for live music in Toronto’s East at 1381 Danforth Ave. which offers Jazz, Roots, Blues and R&B music several times a week including a weekly Thursday open stage hosted by Gary 17. There is also a biweekly fingerstyle open stage every other Tuesday and the room is owned and operated by musicians Carin Redman and Andy Woodley. Gary 17’s open stage endeavours to provide an opportunity for accomplished veteran performers to showcase and for up and coming artists to build their confidence, skills and an audience. The open stage runs Thursdays 9-1 and includes a feature set from 10-10:30.www.facebook.com/Gary17

Betty Supple

  • On her 3rd cross country tour; stoking winter fires all over Canada
  • Honest, humorous, warming, thought provoking folk fusion with heart and cheek.

Betty grew up in F’realtown Ontario, which means she is required, by blood, to keep it real. Her repertoire touches the genres of witty bluegrass, honest hip hop, cheeky folk, raspy jazz, truthful love songs and political anecdotes. She has an uncanny ability to read her audiences mixing her mood with the vibe of the crowd to make a good time for all. She’s been firin’ out tunes since it occurred to her to do so, and speaks her mind, heart and soul through her songs. www.myspace.com/bettysupple

Big Rude Jake

  • Recipient of the Jazz and Blues walk of fame in Cognac, France

Singer/song-writer Big Rude Jake is a remarkable and distinguished figure on the Canadian music scene with a notable presence around the world. A true innovator, a deft craftsman of song and a powerful and compelling lyricist, he has been knocking audiences dead with his impassioned performances for some 20 ears, in venues across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. www.bigrudejake.ca  www.facebook.com/bigrudejake

Brian Gladstone

Brian’s particular way of seeing things through irony and old time approach reminds me of great artists as John Prine, Dave Van Ronk, and Mississippi John Hurt. He is their own true son and he continues their great sounds. SUSA ONDA RADIO, ITALY. WHERE DOES ONE BEGIN TO DESCRIBE BRIAN GLADSTONE? The man is such an anomaly on the side of modern music; a self-propelled master of folk, a throwback to days when music was simpler, yet somehow more touching. The Toronto-based singer-songwriter is an early Bob Dylan, a guitar wizard on par with Jesse Cook, and a lyricist who can evoke a plethora of emotions with a single song. CANEHDIEN.COM With his countrified, playfully narrative lyrics, the indie performer … recalls legendary storyteller John Prine. Psychedelic Pholk Psongs is an eclectic 90 minutes of unadorned. www.briangladstone.ca

Brock Zeman

Over the past five years Brock Zeman has elbowed his way into the independent music world. The 28 year old singer-songwriter of Carleton Place, Ontario has already released 7 albums and toured Canada and the US extensively averaging 250 dates a year. His signature roots style has been praised by critics for the maturity of his vocals, the depth of his storytelling and his impressive live performances. He was first discovered by Canadian Country Hall of Famer Keith Glass (Prairie Oyster) who went on to produce his first 4 releases. By the time of his 5th released Brock was picked up by Busted Flat records out of Kitchener Ontario. www.brockzeman.com

Corktown Ukulele Speakeasy

  • Winterfolk Program of Building Communities Through Participation
  • Featuring the members of the Corktown Ukulele Jam Hosted by Bob Cutler 

Corktown Ukulele Speakeasy has over 300 active members and meets every Wednesday night at the Dominon on Queen. The goal is to jam and to teach people to play ukulele and to improve the skills of those who can play in a supportive and sharing music community. www.torontoukes.com

D’Arcy Wickham

An exceptional facility with all styles of guitar picking has highlighted decades of performing experience, and was recognized by an OCFF ”Songs From the Heart” award in 2007 for his song ”Feather Fingers”. Recent achievements have included being a Canadian finalist in the Mountain Stage Newsong Contest in August 2009, and being a featured performer at Winterfolk Roots and Blues Festival in Feb. 2009, 2010 and 2011. D’Arcy was also one of the featured performers at the Bruce Cockburn Tribute at Hugh’s Room in Oct.
2009. www.darcywickham.com www.facebook.com/darcy.wickham

Dan McVeigh

  • 5 Billboard Songwriting Awards, 3 NSAI Songwriting Awards, 1 Brampton Arts Acclaim Award
  • 2 CD Releases – Love & Bridges – 2001,. Drove – 2005
  • NSAI Toronto Coordinator since 1996

Dan McVeigh is a country artist and songwriter promoting his current CD “Drove” has garnered great reviews from Country Music News & other publications. Dan’s strong voice and his music has been compared to great artists such as Ronnie Milsap, Billy Joel, Eagles and Garth Brooks to name a few. Dan is currently working on a new CD which will be out in 2011. For more information, visit his website at www.danmcveigh.com

Danny Marks

  •  Toronto Blues Society’s Blues With A Feeling Award for lifetime achievement in 2007

TORONTO’S OWN DANNY MARKS a unique performer. If there’s a popular song from 1900 to now, chances are Danny Marks has heard it, and can sing it. And maybe even put a new spin on it: Johnny Cash performing Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love, or Elvis launching into reggae. Danny does it all. Danny Marks masters two careers as if there’s nothing to it. The velvety bass voice behind JAZZ.FM91′s weekly bluz.fm radio show not only talks the talk, but has walked the walk his entire life. Marks has released two highly acclaimed original albums, the all instrumental Guitarchaeology in 1998 and a biographical confessional, TRUE. In 2004 his third disc Big Town Boy was a romp though home town classics winning and big glossy rave in Billboard Magazine. Currently, Danny is finishing up tracks for his latest, A Friend in the Blues, for spring relelase. w.dannym.com www.jazz.fm

David Celia with Joan Besen

  • playing massive festivals both in Canada and Europe and also supporting Elvis Costello, Shawn Colvin, Fairport Convention and more…
  • Playing at Glastonbury Festival in England this summer (Headliner-U2).
  • Winner of the Porcupine Awards

"The affable David Celia's main weapon of musical mayhem is his superb voice. Added to that he's got a catalogue of brilliant songs and plays a pretty mean guitar." (Marr's, UK) "One of Toronto's finest songwriters and guitarists". EYE MAGAZINE [critics pick "Album of the year"/ 06] Like so many of his talented Canadian contemporaries, he's a 'best kept secret' at home, collecting frequent flier miles like Grandma does doilies. Just before his 13th tour of England, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium, with a jaunt to NYC, David plays his 'roots rock with hints of folk wrapped in a pop package' at Winterfolk. Summer found him on criss-crossing festival stages in Europe and Canada while recording the follow up to "This Isn't Here", spending precious time with his young family and repacking his well worn suitcase. "I like the sentiment in your lyrics" – Gordon Lightfoot, UK http://www.davidcelia.com

David Essig

David Essig was introduced to Canadian audiences in 1971 as a "talented newcomer" at the legendary Mariposa Folk Festival. Now, nearly 40 years later, he has an international career as one of Canada's finest interpreters of original, contemporary folk music. Always paying homage to his roots in Bluegrass and Country Blues, David uses these traditions to create timeless new songs.

David is highly respected as a thoughtful and intelligent songwriter, with Canadian folk standards like "Albert's Cove" and "High Ground" to his credit. His work moves from pieces as contemporary as today's news, to songs that sound as if they were rediscovered from old country blues 78's. These are songs that tell stories that will start you laughing and leave you crying.

David Hein

  • Co-author and star of ”My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding”, the hit Mirvish musical.
  • Winner, Susquehanna Music Festival Songwriting Contest, 2009

The Toronto Star calls David Hein ”super-charming” and calls his songs ”clever and catchy.” His musical, ”My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding” based on his mom’s true story, was called ”hilarious” by CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi and played to over 50,000 people in Toronto, recently winning ”Most Promising Musical” in the New York Musical Theater Festival. David has released four CD’s, toured North America, playing festivals and house concerts, and worked with the Muppets. His shows feature free comics, audience interaction, and hilarious and heartbreaking songs. www.davidhein.net www.facebook.com/pages/David-Hein/27146870010

David Leask

  • Runner up in John Lennon’s 70th Birthday anniversary song contest – songs of peace, love, political activism, and free expression – chosen by Yoko Ono for the song ”Everybody Sing” co-written with Debra Alexander
  • Winner of 2009 OCFF Songs From the heart award for song ”While I Still Breathe” co-written with Bruce Madole.
  • Winner of Mississauga Performing Artist of the Year

Originally from Scotland, David Leask was the recipient of the Mississauga Performing Artist of the Year Award. A songwriting journeyman, he has produced three critically-acclaimed CD’s and numerous international songwriting awards in a range of categories that include folk, jazz, blues, rock, country and gospel. Songwriters Magazine called David, ”the most consistent Canadian songwriting competition win¬ner.” David was the 2009 winner of the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals “Songs From The Heart” competition. A talented multi-instrumentalist with a sharp Scottish wit, David’s music draws from folk roots, topped up with a pop sensibility that brings to mind the talents of Gordie Sampson and Mumford and Sons. www.davidleask.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/David-Leask/65351955038

David Lum

  • 2004 Manitoba Country Music Association Songwriting Contest

Born in Vancouver, David began as an instrumentalist for other artists and has developed into a gifted songwriter in his own right, infusing a blend of folk and roots in a versatile guitar style with songs that will draw you into his world, filled with tales of quiet desperation, longing and the triumph of the human spirit. He has performed at coffee houses, clubs, and folk festivals in BC, Manitoba and Ontario, and now brings his music to the 2011 Winterfolk Festival. ww.davidlum.com

David Nigel Lloyd

  • Celtic Balladeer, Song poet, Fine Guitarist, Tale Spinner, Scholar and Fool
  • Named Among Best of 2008 on National Public Radio’s Celtic Connections
  • Inventor of the Eight-Stringed Octar and Pioneer of D’F-BEAD Tuning

David Nigel Lloyd began his career in 1975 on a Greyhound Bus bound bound for Los Angeles. He swore he would never return to Toronto until he was a rock star. Or, as it turned out, a folk singer. He returns this weekend via Memphis where he was invited to perform at the Official Showcase of the still on-going International Folk Alliance Conference. Years ago he returned to his first musical love —that odd melange of traditional balladry, beat poetry, Delta blues and Zen paradox pioneered in the mid-60s by a handful of British guitar poets. One of them, Celtic music legend Robin Williamson, accompanies DNL on Rivers, Kings and Curses. DNL’s most recent CD, it was featured on the “Best of 2008” episode of NPR’s Celtic Connections program. www.davidnigellloyd.com www.facebook.com/pages/David-Nigel-Lloyd/53240611820

Erin Hill & her Psychedelic Harp

  • Erin’s Celtic album hits #1 on the Billboard World Music Chart, in the Top Ten on multiple Heatseeker charts, and in the Top 40 on the Independent chart (2009).
  • Erin is a lead actor, composer, and screenwriter in the film ”Clear Blue Tuesday,”– “Erin Hill, as a giddy, harp-playing Trekker, is a stand out… The best and funniest scene in the film is Ms. Hill’s” — The New York Times (Sept. 2010)

Erin Hill is a harpist, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor and sci-fi geek who’s been seen as the Pretty White Girl on Comedy Central’s “Chappelle’s Show,” and has played with Kanye West, Enya, Cyndi Lauper, moby, Levon Helm and Garth Hudson. The music is beautiful and psychedelic pop with a science edge: ”Hill is a songwriting angel… with tracks that fascinate and mesmerize the audience” — The Louisville Eccentric Observer. ”Beautiful. Voice exquisite; the words telling tales everyone wants to hear.” — Radio 3, BBC. www.erinhill.com www.facebook.com/erinhillharp

Eve Goldberg

  • Eve’s instrumental tune ”Watermelon Sorbet” was the opening theme song for ”Richardson’s Roundup” heard for many years across Canada on CBC Radio One.
  • Eve is a three-time finalist for the Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award (Ontario Arts Council, 2004, 2007 and 2008). Eve’s song The Streets of Burma is being used by Amnesty International Canada as part of their campaign to free one of the monks imprisoned in Burma following peaceful protests by monks and nuns in September 2007.

Eve Goldberg sings music that draws honey from the rock of life. A compelling writer and interpreter, Eve’s watercolour voice and solid guitar style has made her a favourite with audiences across Canada and the US. Her performances are intimate and relaxed, moving effortlessly from folk classics to original gems. She has been performing since 1990, bringing her trademark mixture of folk, blues, country, bluegrass, and jazz to venues across Canada and the U.S. ranging from small house concerts to the prestigious Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Along the way she’s earned the respect of legendary musicians like Peggy Seeger, Geoff Muldaur, and Penny Lang. She has released three CDs to widespread acclaim: “Ever Brightening Day,” “Crossing the Water,” and her latest, “A Kinder Season.” http://www.evegoldberg.com www.facebook.com/EveGoldbergMusic

Evaristo Machado

Finger Style Guitar

  • Winterfolk Program of Building Communities Through Participation

The FingerStyleGuitar.ca Open Stage is a unique opportunity for fingerstyle players of all levels to meet, connect, sit in …and for non-players to hear some of Toronto’s most exciting guitar playing – from established veterans, up-and-coming new talent, and dedicated amateurs. The FingerStyleGuitar.ca is a network of many of Toronto’s finest solo guitarists and guitar aficionados. It sponsors over 50 local workshops, open stages, and small venue performances as well as several Main Stage concerts per year. www.fingerstyleguitar.ca

Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party

  • ”Winner of the NOW Magazine’s Readers Pick for “Best Songwriter 2010”

This band has finally bottled the white lightening of their killer live show into a potent new debut album, Red Door 2nd Floor. They take their name from the great and timeless East Coast tradition of friends and neighbours gathering together in the kitchen for an evening of laughter, drinks and music. But despite the casual atmosphere in which they create their songs, make no mistake; onstage, The Kitchen Party is tighter than a three-day drunk! The soul of this music comes from Freeman Dre’s apartment in the heart of one of Toronto’s most creatively fertile neighbourhoods, Parkdale. It’s a place where friends hang out in the kitchen most every night, where a raccoon recently tried to give birth in Dre’s vinyl collection, where Hank the cat comes to chill out from life in the mean streets and alleys, and where a lot of music gets made.www.myspace.com/freemandrethekitchenparty   

Glen Hornblast

  • Past Winner of CIUT Porcupine Award
  • Well-known in the Toronto Folk Scene

Glen Hornblast is a Toronto singer-songwriter well-known in the Toronto folk community. Once the Open Stage host at Free Times Cafe for a number of years, Glen writes songs about love, heartache, and homelessness. Always an entertaining performer, Glen is frequently seen at music jams, open mic nights, folk festivals and benefits. He is working on a soon-to-be released CD. www.myspace.com/glenhornblast


  • Included in the Top 40 CBC Galaxie Folk/Roots Year end Chart 2009! And was the CBC Fresh Air featured disc of the month in May 2009 with Hosts Mary Ito & Mark Rheaume
  • 4 star (out of 5) review in SING OUT! Magazine – 4 star (out of 5) review on Amazon.com
  • Included in the Penguin Eggs 10th Anniversary issue as “New Discoveries” by both Mike Regenstreif (SING OUT! Magazine) and CFMU radio host Jim Marino

Born in the swamp. Raised on the mountain. Work in the mines. Play on the porch. Well, that’s only true metaphorically. We don’t actually have a porch. HOTCHA! (Beverly Kreller and Howard Druckman) nonetheless feel as though their music fits the description: Rustic, rural songs of work and faith, delivered with a vintage vibe and the energy of a runaway train. HOTCHA! creates a distinctive musical blend of old-time western, bluegrass, early swing and country gospel. If you could take a picture of HOTCHA!’s music, it would be a grainy, sepia-toned portrait of depression-era musicians with nothing but an old Sears-Roebuck guitar and a nickel in hand for the jitney dance. If you listen to HOTCHA!’s music, you’ll hear a unique combination of accordion and bodhran (Celtic drum) alongside gritty guitar, wailing harmonica and soaring vocal harmonies. Debut CD Dust Bowl Roots: Songs for the New Depression, intended as a true tonic for the times we liv e in. www.HOTCHA.ca

Jack Marks

  • Nominated for a CFMA award in 2010 in the emerging artist category.
  • Touring Holland and Germany in January 2011.

On the heels of a 2010 CFMA nomination and the release of his second full length album titled ”Lost Wages”, artist Jack Marks is emerging as one of the most important writers on the Toronto scene today. With plans to tour Germany and Holland in January 2011 and to begin his third album in three years in March, Marks is known in Toronto as a ”songwriters songwriter” and the rest of the country is beginning to catch on. jackmarks@live.ca www.myspace.com/jackmarksmusic

James Gordon

  • His song ”Frobisher Bay” was named favourite Canadian folk song in a CBC radio poll. It has been recorded by more than 100 artists world-wide
  • His Song ”Mining For Gold” was recorded by the Cowboy Junkies on their multi-million-selling ”Trinity Sessions” album and has been featured in Hollywood films, television commercials and around campfires!
  • Was songwriter-in-residence for CBC radio for 12 years

Veteran Canadian Songwriter. Known for his songs dealing with Canadian heritage, social justice issues, the environment. For many years he was resident songwriter on CBC Radio’s Basic Black program so he has a sack full of comedy material as well. New CD ”My Stars Your Eyes” — best reviews ever! www.jamesgordon.ca

Jimmy Bowskill

Jimmy Bowskill just seems to fit the script of a modern day artist destined to play the blues. He burst onto the scene on B.B.King's birthday of all times, a brand new B. B.Kid!! Inspired by the late, great Robert Johnson, Jimmy taught himself to play and sing by interpreting by sight and sound but in his own natural style. At the tender age of 11, Jimmy was invited to join Jeff Healey onstage, alongside his now mentors and bandmates, Jerome Godboo and Alec Fraser.  Since being discovered in Southern Ontario a whirlwind of activity has been bestowed on Jimmy. Major festivals, radio and television appearances including national coverage on CTV's Open Mike with Mike Bullard have all featured his rise in popularity and blues stardom. Jimmy has been broadening his musical boundaries to Quebec, where much media exposure has taken place. Playing in front of 5000 concert-goers chanting "Jimmy!" "Jimmy!" has solidified a whole new legion of loyal fans. Jimmy Bowskill has become the toast of the Belle Province.

Joan Beson

  • Member of prairie oyster for 27 years.
  • 6 Juno Awards

Joan has multiple CCMA and rpm awards, multiple socan and cmpa song of the year awards. inducted into ccma hall of fame 2008. along with own band, have played and recorded as side musician with many others in canada and u.s., includin sylvia tyson, colin linden, willie p. bennett, morgan davis, marty stuart, pam tillis, etc. been playing with david celia for about 5 years.

Joanne Crabtree with Margaret Stowe

  • About Joanne: “…an interesting performer…her warmth on stage, her lovely voice, her sense of history, her beautiful originals…. which captivates the audiences’ attention.” Lillian Wauthier
  • About Margaret: “..a richness of imagination…tonal variety that teases one’s imagination….an assertive sense of daring.” (James Strecker, Mayday Magazine CD Review)

Joanne and Margaret first performed together “live” on the radio, CFMU-FM (93.3 FM), along with Mose Scarlett, Paul Mills, David Bradstreet et al, as part of a tribute to Jackie Washington. Here they formed their mutual admiration society and since then they have also performed together several times including Festival of Friends and Hugh’s Room. Joanne describes herself as a “city singer”. Her artistic roots took hold in the poetry-filled coffee houses, the after-hours jazz clubs, the earnest folk venues of Toronto. Frequenter of song circles, ballad projects and bluesy side projects she is often seen performing as a duo with Paul Mills. Margaret maintains an international career and works with variety of artists. Known for her eclectic tastes and high energy, she has received great press for her stage performances and recordings and is also the proud owner of a CIUT FM Back to the Sugar Camp Porcupine ”Lenny Breau” Award (2009), was recently interviewed and performed www.joannecrabtree.com

John DiBatista

  • John Di Battista was Voted in by " ACTRA" on Proffesional Status after recording the Lead Vocals to many Radio Jingles including a National Jingle Spot for " Harley Davidson" an Ontario's own Molson's Park .
  • Most recently John Di Battista Won a recording package In Nashville Tenessee , at the " Music Row Songrwriter's Festifval"

John DiBattista, singer/songwriter, was born and raised in Toronto and began his life immersed in a rich musical environment at home. John’s father bought him a ukulele at 9 and a 6-string Washburn guitar at 14. His father would sing often and encouraged young John to sing for friends visiting their home. His first musical heroes were Elvis, Gordon Lightfoot, the Beatles, John Denver and Ray Charles and more recently, George Strait and Keith Urban. At age 14, John began performing at local Toronto clubs and talent shows where people began to take notice of his unique and powerful voice. At 15, John recorded 2 original songs and had his sights set on sharing his music beyond the Toronto area. At 17 John traveled around the United States where he began winning singing competitions and was invited to perform live at local clubs. After returning to Canada, his distinct voice landed him several commercial jobs on the radio and he became a member of ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema Television and Radio Artists). DiBattista continues to craft songs and play live to his growing fan base that are hooked by John’s moving lyrics, memorable vocals and commanding stage presence. A recent trip to Nashville solidified John’s passion to continue to write songs that connect with country and music fans everywhere. The songs, which are a blend of country rock, blues and folk, allow him to share with you his extraordinary gift of music–music that touches the heart and soul. Currently John is in the studio recording a CD of his original works. www.JohnDiBattista.com

Jon Davis

  • Winner, Montreal NATS Voice Competition, 2000
  • ”Jon is by far one of the most talented singer-songwriters to emerge since Van Morrison.” – Alex Boicel, Artistic Dir. Cayenne Jazz Festival

Jon Davis’ recently released debut – Golden Hue – reveals an artist who enjoys giving the listener’s emotions a bit of a workout. Golden Hue also provides Davis the opportunity to underline his abilities on piano, guitar and arranging skills. The star of this show is, however, his fragile, weathered vocals. Originally trained as a jazz pianist, he switched horses somewhat, based on an outbreak of carpal tunnel syndrome and the accumulated comments he’d received on his vocal talent. Classical training followed and the influence of everyone from Joni Mitchell to Stephen Sondheim helped set the stage. Yet this singer is a songwriter first, and his fine arts background as an artist has provided him with an approach similar to that of a painter with a new canvas. And he paints very personally, indeed, revealing himself in the painterly process – an intense vulnerability exposed through lyrical content providing insight into his old soul. Jon Davis appears at Winterf olk with gifted Montreal percussionist and singer/songwriter Mateo Tomlinson.www.jondavismusic.ca Facebook

Jory Nash

  • 2010 Canadian Folk Music Awards Nominee
  • 2009 Penguins Eggs Magazine ”Album of the Year” for New Blue Day
  • Winner, OCFF Songs From The Heart, 2000

Jory Nash blends elements of folk, jazz, blues, soul and pop into an original stew of sound. He has recorded 6 critically-acclaimed CDs, including 2004’s curiously titled ”Spaz Loves Weezie” and 2010’s award winning ”New Blue Day”. A master storyteller and a lover of hats, Jory tours across North America, playing mostly solo. Acoustic guitar, piano and banjo are Jory’s main instruments. Jory is a past winner of the Ontario Council of Folk Festival’s Songs From the Heart Songwriting Award, and has showcased at NXNE, NERFA, Ontario COntact and OCFF. Jory is a fixture on the summerfolk festival circuit, having played such great festivals as Hillside, Summerfolk, Mariposa, Winterfolk, Toronto City Roots, Home County, Live From The Rock, Shelter Valley, and numerous others. Jory’s music can often be heard on CBC Radio, and on college stations across North America. Jory’s music can be purchased (in CD or MP3 form) from www.maplemusic.com or at live concerts. www.jorynash.com

Ken Yoshioka

  • As a harmonica player, Ken got involved in the 2009 Juno winning CD ”Ramblin’ Son” of Julian Fauth, the blues record of the year.
  • Released 1st solo CD ”I Love Harp” in 2006, which was an old style blues album and a local hit in Toronto blues scene.
  • Appears on Brian Gladstone's album 'A Time for New Beginnings'

Ken started his music career as a harmonica player with a lot of influences of Chicago blues, backing up Toronto singer/piano player Julian Fauth.Over the past few years he has been developing into a singer and guitar player to perform delta blues covers ( Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker etc.) and his originals .His specialty is unique blend of skillful finger picking and emotional slide playing on guitar with a progressive approach. www.myspace.com/kenyoshioka

Kristin Sweetland

  • Award-winner, Songs from the Heart 2003
  • ”A monster of a guitarist” and a ”goldmine of a mind.” – Cosmic Debris Magazine
  • ”Great melodies, great lyrics, great musicianship, great voice and great attitude.” – Alex Mason, producer, CBC Radio’s Sounds Like Canada

Kristin Sweetland is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, photographer, and nomad—although she now has a permanent Toronto address, for years the road was her home. She has toured internationally; released multiple albums; won an award from the Songs of the Heart competition; and worked with Ken Whiteley, Stephen Fearing, James Keelaghan and George Koller. Kristin also plays with bassist/violinist Lyndell Montgomery in the band Captain Dirt & The Skirt. www.kristinsweetland.com www.facebook.com/kristinsweetland

Laura Fernandez

  • Winner New York International Independent Music Festival 2005
  • The only North American Artist invited to sing at the International World Music Festival in Varadero, Cuba on the main bill with Los Van Van, Omara Portuondo and Bobby Carcasses and Pupy y los Que Son Son and Dyango

Spanish born Laura Fernandez is a multifaceted artist; a classically trained pianist, singer and songwriter who expresses her take on the passion, the excitement, the hardships and the many experiences life has to offer in both English and her native language, Spanish. www.laurafernandezmusic.com

Louise Ford

Louise Ford has been performing in the Quinte area and throughout Ontario for over twenty years. Known for her singing and finger style guitar arrangements as well as for her extensive repertoire of Celtic, folk, classical and easy listening music, Louise is also a pianist. She has performed not only as a soloist, but also with various Celtic, folk, country and R ’n B bands.

Louise recently released her first full length CD, entitled ‘Heroes and Angels’, a collection of eleven original songs. The biggest production is ‘Grosse Isle’, written about the island near Quebec City that was used as a quarantine station for Irish immigrants in the 1830s and 1840s. In the Belleville, Ontario area ‘Heroes and Angels’ can be purchased at Sam’s, Chapters, Pinnacle Music Studios, Harmony Music, Serendipity Gifts, Easy Print (who did the printing for the CD), the Quinte Arts Council and other gift and book stores.

Margaret Stowe

  • ”Guitarist Margaret Stowe is a constant delight.” Exclaim! Magazine Toronto (Live CD Review)
  • Margaret received the 2009 CIUT FM Porcupine ”Lenny Breau” Award.
  • ”Stowe’s departure point is jazz, but her style ranges from folk to blues to world beats, propelled by her trademark high energy and eclectic tastes.” Prague Post

”It’s hard to take your ears and eyes off Stowe.” London Free Press Margaret maintains an international career and was recently interviewed and performed on both Vallee FM Radio Paris France and Radio Nacional de Espana Madrid. She is listed in the Canadian Encyclopaedia of Music and more importantly, yeahbaby Celebrity Baby Names. She can also be found playing shows with diverse artists such as Priscilla Wright, Mose Scarlett, Sonya Côté, Brenda Lewis, Joanne Crabtree, Blues Fuse and Margaret and the Redheads. She also works in Europe with German jazz guitarist Barbara Jungfer, chanteuse Susanna Bartilla (Paris) as well as her own groups. Her latest CD MELLOW JELLO features just Margaret on guitars, playing some familiar cover tunes and new originals. You’ll love it. www.margaretstowe.com

Matthew de Zoete

  • Matthew tours throughout North America and Europe, playing 120+ concerts each year.
  • Matthew has released two acclaimed albums on his own label ShipRecords Canada.

Combining pop, rock, and folk music, Matthew de Zoete writes songs built on strong melodies and honest lyrics. Ranging from simple ballads to joyful pop revelries, his writing favours beauty over bravado, openess over obscurity. Extensive touring throughout North America and Europe has earned him a reputation for smart songwriting and dynamic performances, as well as comparisons to Nick Drake and Elliott Smith. He often performs with his brother Johan singing harmonies – think of Simon and Garfunkel growing up in the von Trapp family. Matthew has released two albums, and he is now recording a third with producer Les Cooper (Jill Barber, Good Lovelies), set to be released later in 2011. For more info and to listen online, please visit www.matthewdezoete.com

Melwood Cutlery with Dan Whiteley

  • Winner songs from the heart award ocff 2005

A dynamic duo, strumming there way into born again heaven, wrestle with themes as diverse as religion and politics, and bring it on vocally and instrumentally with an arresting forcefulness not to be underestimated in any circle, they’ll be bootin it into the skies on this gig, part of their ornery ontario mini tour, february 2011, they’ll be packin’ iron in their thighs and bringin along a brand new release of tunes, cut at the famous black sheep inn, wakefield pq. www.melwoodcutlery.com

Michael Brennan

  • Last album ”Anywhere But Here” nominated for 2009 Country Recording of the Year by Music Nova Scotia.
  • ”Anywhere But Here” named the #5 Canadian Country Album of 2008 by Country Music News.

Cape Breton born and raised, Michael Brennan is considered the voice of REAL country music in Toronto. Possessing a full blooded, passionate voice that’s been compared to Waylon Jennings and Roy Orbison, Brennan writes honest, straight-up working man songs full of characters who’ve loved and lost more often than they’ve won. www.michaelbrennan.ca

Michael Jerome Browne

  • Selected to represent Montreal Blues Society at International Blues Challenge In Memphis, Tennessee, February 2011
  • Recipient of Solo Artist of the Year (2008) at Canadian Folk Music Awards
  • Three time Juno nominee (two categories: Blues; Roots & Traditional).

MJB is a true renaissance roots musician, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and vocalist of wide-ranging talent. This Canadian Folk Award-winning “Solo Artist of the Year” will surprise you with a wailing blues song, a cajun fiddle waltz, an old-time banjo piece, a swing guitar tour-de-force, an unbridled soul song or a country ballad.  www.michaeljeromebrowne.com

Mike Masse with Jon Goldenberg

  • Recent release of his debut CD “Her and I”
    Mike is well known in the local folk circuit for his passion, and emotional deliver

Mike Masse a singer/songwriter from Stratford Ontario. He writes, plasy and sinsg with emotion, using real life experiences with the intent to connect with people. Jon and him have known each other since the age of five. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to share this experience with him and Lisa! www.myspace.com/mikemassemusic

Mikel Miller with guest Kevin Bell

  • Toured Ontario many times with Norm Hacking over a 27 yr period and survived

Mikel Miller,singer/songwriter,guitar player and Kevin Bell,Toronto guitarist legend have been performing together for over 22yrs whenever Miller travels east This Yukon artist is a man locked in a capsule of almost forgotten times, he enter your world not with a crash of noise,but with a whisper of hopes,dreams,times good and bad,late nites,maybe a cold one,tales of the roads travelled before they were paved – all these things and more and always ever present -humour! (Norm Hacking)

Militis Rue

Dan Shantz & Aaron McGill have been creating compelling and unique music for nearly four years. The band, Militis Rue, (Mil-ee-tis Rue) has always been about fusing the honest explorations of lyric with expressive and dynamic sounds. Whether you catch their engaging, heart-on-your-sleeve live shows, or you simply catch a ride on one of their tunes on the airwaves, Militis Rue will be a good friend when you need some real music for a real world. www.militisrue.com


  • Included in Exclaim Magazine’s Top 10 Soul and RnB records of 2010.

”With the gifted hands and encouragement of producer and fellow drummer Don Kerr, Lawr has thrown caution to the wind, rebuilding his Minotaurs into an all-star jazz funk orchestra whose soaring horns, sunny guitar stabs and bouncy rhythms are meant to shake you up and get you down. Gone are the doe-eyed romantic platitudes of a charming rascal, as Lawr has instead tapped into his nuanced thoughts on socio-political causes and issues for subject matter. The result is a curiously dark set of songs, which are packaged in ass-shaking, instrumental cases, subtly parcelling out joy and rage in ambitious swoops. Engagingly provocative lyrically and stirring musically, The Thing is Lawr’s uncompromising masterwork.”
Exclaim www.minotaursband.com

Mr. Rick

  • Rick hosted The Toronto Blues Society guitar workshop 2005
  • Performed over 200 Shows in 2010

Mr. Rick is an old school vocalist & fingerstyle guitarist. Growing up in Michigan, Rick cut his teeth on old 78’s, LP’s and hanging around Folk and Jazz clubs in the 60’s. Rick plays a wide variety of material from the Americana roots song book. For the past 15 years Rick and his trio “Mr. Rick and the Biscuits” have been performing their brand of “Honky tonk Swing” in Toronto and Southwest Ontario. Rick and the Biscuits have recorded 2 Albums and Rick is currently working on a solo album for release in 2011.

Moonshine Cafe – Best of the Open Stage

  • Winterfolk Program of Building Communities Through Participation

Our goal is to continue to support, encourage and promote artists by providing a venue for the accomplished performer, the beginner and those who are "somewhere in between" to play or showcase their art in a comfortable atmosphere."We work diligently to help build and support the artistic community in the area" LIVE MUSIC EVERY NIGHT!!! in a unique and intimate venue. moonshinecafe@cogeco.net

Mose Scarlett

  • Mose Scarlett is a Borealis Records recording artist.

A 40-year veteran of the music business, Borealis recording artist MOSE SCARLETT has a rich bass-baritone voice, an intricate finger-picking guitar style, and a penchant for the ‘good old tunes’. With his entertaining blend of Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, and ‘Tin Pan Alley Treasures’ [1900-1940], he has performed all over Canada and the U.S., and made 26 tours overseas [United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and Australia]. Grizzled yet verging on elegance, deadpan yet bordering on hilarity, songster MOSE SCARLETT is truly one of a kind. http://borealisrecords.com/artists/mose-scarlett/

Noah Zacharin

Noah Zacharin was born in Montreal and resides in Toronto. He’s been called “a stunning guitarist” (Holger Petersen, CBC), “a wonderful songwriter and performer” (Paul Mills, Borealis Records), and “a poet, a songwriter, a singer we have been waiting for” (Penny Lang). Minor 7th commented: “like Bruce Cockburn, Ry Cooder, and Bonnie Raitt, Noah Zacharin possesses a virtuoso command of the guitar…world-wise songwriting”. Zacharin has released 6 CD’s of literate, well-crafted songs that know no barrier of genre. His most recent—“Waiting on Your Love”—earned 4 stars from Eye Weekly, has been heard nationally on CBC and Radio-Canada, is “one of the best singer/songwriter CD’s I have ever heard” (Randy Finney, TFGA), and features the best of Toronto’s jazz, pop, and roots players, as well as long-time Tom Waits alum, Ralph Carney. www.noahsong.com www.myspace.com/noahzacharin

Nonie Crete Band

  • Recorded 7 CDs

Nonie Crete is a musical and storytelling force to be reckoned with. From heady blues, Irish balladry, to Cajun and French Canadian hues, Nonie seamlessly traverses genre with an execution only matched by her uncanny ability to explore equally diverse lyrical themes. Whether upbeat, sorrowful, poignant or whimsical, Nonie’s songs reach into the landscape of the heart – family, community, memory, discovery, love and loss – woven together by her stunningly beautiful voice. Eugene Rea played with various groups including Crubeen, Atlantic Bridge, The Mourne Ramblers, Dhu Varryn, The Rea Brothers, and Eugene and Andrea Rea, and recorded a number of albums. However it was with Houl Yer Whisht that he achieved his biggest success, with an album “On Boyne’s Red Shore” which made #1 on the Irish charts, and resulted in a gold record. Gary Kreller has played accordion and keyboards professionally for more than 35 years. His main gig has been with the polka/dance band, The Black Forest Band, with which he has travelled throughout North America. He has played with both of North America’s Polka Kings. He has appeared on the bill with virtually every Canadian classic rock act from Kim Mitchell to Loverboy. He has recorded with numerous performers, including major artists such as Quartette, and played on both Juno and Grammy-nominated records. www.nonie.ca

Nashville Songwriters Association of Canada (NSAI Toronto)

  • Winterfolk Program of Building Communities Through Participation

The Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) is the world's largest not-for-profit songwriters organization. The NSAI represents the songwriting community and exists to promote and protect the intellectual property rights of songwriters.www.nsaitoronto.com

Paul Langille

  • Winner Jack Richardson Award Singer/Songwriter 2008
  • Opened for BB King JLC London Ontario, Solo guitar and vocals
  • Winner Ampac Awards for Labatts Blue Commercials 1986

Born in Hamilton, Paul currently makes his home in London, Ontario where he has been one of the city’s most popular entertainers for several years. It is obvious from the minute Paul walks on stage that he truly loves to play. He has developed a unique and awe-inspiring stage presence and emits such energy that his audiences are inevitably caught up in the power of his performance. These are Paul’s strongest attributes…strong voice, instrumental work and songwriting coupled with an honest passion for his music. Have a listen, experience the passion and take it home. www.paullangille.com

Peter Verity

  • Winner Best Folk Performer TIMA (Toronto Independent Music Awards)(2005)
  • Runner up Folk category NA John Lennon Songwriting Contest (North Ontario)
  • Honorable Mention Mountain Stage New Song Contest (Blue As I Can Get)
  • Top 20 Finalists Acoustic /Folk Unisong Contest (North Ontario)

Peter Verity is a folk/roots eclectic, poetic, singer songwriter, performs his live show as a multi-instrumentalist – guitar, harmonica and mandolin and singing 30-40 original tunes. He has performed across Canada and the U.S. His latest CD entitled “Sometimes A Journey” .He put out his 1st solo Cd “High Flyer” several years ago and a CD self entitled “DeltaTango” with a 5 piece band in 1995 which was featured on the CBC radio program “Definitely Not The Opera”. “Sometimes A Journey” is receiving air play across Canada and the U.S. as well as Europe and Australia. It was in the top 50 listed on the Folk DJ list when it was released and is continuing to receive air play to date. DJ’s are playing all 11 tunes on the disc! “Sounds Like Canada” featured Peter’s “The Ballad of Rachel Davis” . Peter has appeared on numerous radio shows and Breakfast TV across Canada. He has been a member of the Songwriters Association of Canada for several years. Both his live performances and his songwriting has been recognised.He was awarded Best Folk Artist at TIMA (Toronto Independent Music Awards) and many songwriting awards runner up (folk) in John Lennon Songwriting Contest with “North Ontario” and many kudos to “Blue As I Can Get” from CD “Sometimes A Journey” www.peterverity.com

Peter Wildman

  • Founding member of the comedy troupe ”The Frantics”

The Frantics take full responsibility for numerous tours across Canada, several Theatre productions, a radio series on CBC, a short lived TV series, three appearances at Juste Pour Rire in Montreal and trips to the Comedy Store in LA. Throughout it all, Peter dragged along his guitar. Comedy songs had become part of the Frantic’s comedy arsenal and Peter was identified as the musical one.

Peter has appeared on such TV shows as Puppets Who Kill and Little Mosque on the Prairie. He has written for a variety of TV show including four seasons of the New Red Green Show. www.peterwildman.com

Porkbelly Futures

  • Porkbelly Futures give ” Concert of the Year” at London Music Club.- James Reaney-London Free Press
  • Porkbelly Futures in the top 20 for 26 weeks in The American Roots-Blues charts.
  • Porkbelly Futres recently released their 3rd CD The Crooked Road and have just returned from a 3 !/2 week western tour in support of the album to rave reviews.

It would be easy to call Porkbelly Futures a roots-rock band, seeing as how the five-piece band draws from rock’s deep well of folk, blues and country music. But the Porkbellys defy simple categorization. There’s nothing straightforward about a band that sings about subjects as varied as heartbreak, hotels, fishing, trains, wrestling heroes and literary icons, or one whose members come from a variety of diverse backgrounds. This is a group with as much intelligence and wit as soulfulness and fun.
The Porkbellys are an engaging live act, with strong original material, exceptional musicianship (including an award-winning blues guitarist and two highly esteemed classical players) and a natural on-stage chemistry that comes from years of touring across Canada together, playing countless bars and summer festivals. The Porkbellys possess an enviable versatility, with two lead vocalists and several multi-instrumentalists in the group. It’s a powerful package that connects with audiences wherever they play. www.porkbellys.com ww.facebook.com/porkbellys

Rosemary Phelan with Jason LePrade

  • 2010 CIUT Golden Quill Award for Songwriting
  • Canadian Finalist 2010 Mountain Stage NewSong Contest
  • ”what sings in the blood” listed in Folk Alley’s Top DJ Picks of 2010

The grace and losses encountered during a tumultuous, nomadic childhood, time spent eking out a hard-won living in the bush, and her years as a community nurse in the urban core live in Rosemary’s songs… she sincerely hopes the goodness she unearthed at the root of it all cp an be found there, too. ”There is something in Rosemary Phelan’s voice and songs that moves me to tears each time I hear her; even the happy songs. Her voice and words go straight to my heart, and my response to her work is involuntary – I simply surrender.” Ian Tamblyn … ”… an incisive lyricist… songs that deserve a close listen.” David Francey”… the performances cut to the bone…” Bill Garrett, Borealls Records”…a lovely voice, full of feeling… more powerful for being devoid of affectation. ” Guelph Mercury www.rosemaryphelan.com www.facebook.com/rosemary

Sue and Dwight

Sue and Dwight are a folk roots duo, originally from Winnipeg and now living in Toronto. Their songwriting is strongly influenced by their journey from the prairies to the big city and more recently, travel in East Africa. Lyrics are honest and insightful with themes of peace, courage, and social justice. Without pretension, they share their songs and stories while creating a warm, relaxed atmosphere at their live shows. Rich harmonies are front and centre in their musical arrangements, supported by laid-back guitars, piano, and accordion. www.sueanddwight.com

Saturday Saints

Danny Simmons (banjo, vocals) and Kristin Cavoukian (guitar, vocals) met deep in the heart of Parkdale, in Toronto’s west end, and have spent the last few years playing music together, along with some of the incredibly talented musicians they both know. On stage or around a campfire, The Saturday Saints revisit traditional, old time, bluegrass, and other acoustic songs, with a focus on strong duet singing and simple arrangements. They recently recorded their first album, Hand-Me-Downs, a collection of traditional songs that captures the energy of their live performance. Sam Petite regularly joins The Saturday Saints on upright bass. www.myspace.com/saturdaysaintsmusic

Seneca College Independent Music Program

  • Winterfolk Program of Building Communities Through Participation

The Independent Musician Program at Seneca College offers a unique educational opportunity to a select group of “Indie” musicians. The strong, hands-on curriculum, taught by some of Canada’s top music professionals, provides the students with the technical, musical and business skills to produce and market their own unique vision, to become the next great generation of Canadian musicians. “Indie” is not a genre: it is an approach, a way of life, a DIY mindset. IMP students represent a variety of backgrounds, interests and styles of music, united by a common goal: to realize the dream of making a living doing what they love. http://sca.senecac.on.ca/prospective/programs/overview/programCode/IMP

Shawn Brush

Shawn is one of the finest performers of bluegrass, folk, and country music you will ever have the good fortune to hear. A superb solo artist who writes songs full of passion and truth. There's a sincere, bittersweet quality to his voice that reaches the listener deep within. His talent on the guitar astounds all from casual fans to seasoned musicians. He possesses a rare vision and has meticulously crafted his skills. You can't help but be moved by the presence, depth and remarkable talent of his music, either live or in his recordings. The music, the words and the man are real. Shawn Brush is one of those rare musicians who’s able to combine highly technical musicianship with memorable and impactful songwriting. He’s won two Central Canadian Bluegrass Awards and has worked alongside Fred J. Eaglesmith, Natalie MacMaster, Ray Materick and Sherry Kean to name a few. Shawn’s music is passionate, heartfelt and has a unique ability to touch pretty much anyone listening. www.shawnbrush.com

The Blackwood Two

Getting their start busking old time tunes on the streets of Victoria BC, The Blackwood Two has since then evolved into a unique and well received folk duo, masterfully combining fiddle, banjo, and guitar with a unique blend of powerful vocals, smoothly interweaving male and female voices in tight harmony. Their captivating, simple, and accessible acoustic roots sound is quickly making a name for itself in the folk community, appealing to all generations and leaving audience members excited for more.


  • 20th LA Music Award Nominee
  • 16th Billboard World Song Contest Honorable Mention 2009
  • Showcase at Vancouver Island Music Conference 2009
  • Featured at the David Suzuki Earth Run 2009
  • Emmy nomination 2008; Leo Award 2008

MICHELE SCHMIDT, native to Southern Ontario, has lived in Texas, Baltimore and Toronto performing in diverse folk venues throughout North America. Michele embarked on a solo career, focusing solely on her own songs and making the rounds of folk clubs primarily in Toronto, Ontario. During that time, she became well known in venues such as the Renaissance Cafe, Freetimes Cafe, Holy Joes and the Tranzac Club. Most recently she made the move to Vancouver, BC, where she performs in a duo with Ken. Her duo is called Sillken, which is quickly becoming popular at folk venues around Vancouver. KEN CADE, studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto as a teen and then studied with Terry Hallowick, Violinist in the Toronto Symphony who helped prepare him for successful auditions for the Chicago Civic Orchestra (Training Orchestra for the Chicago Symphony) and DePaul University (Chicago). After his university years he began work in the film business winning numerous Bessie awards for his commercial work. Ken has been the sound editor/designer for many successful TV series and feature films and nominated for numerous awards including an Emmy in 2008 and awarded a Golden Reel and Leo

Songtown – The Danforth Sound

  • Winterfolk Program of Building Communities Through Participation

SongTown is a record label and promotion component which discovers, encourages and promotes songwriters from one area of the country into another through a SongTown CD release series,promotional support, concerts and performance opportunities.SongTown-The Danforth Sound Volume 2 is the second in the planned cross-country series.Some of the talent will be featured at Winterfolk this year www.peteotismusic.com

Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC)

  • Winterfolk Program of Building Communities Through Participation

The S.A.C. exists to nurture, develop and protect the creative, business, and legal environments of songwriters in Canada and around the world. We do this to promote universal recognition of the inspirational, societal and economic values of music & song. www.songwriters.ca

Songwriters Unite

  • Winterfolk Program of Building Communities Through Participation

Produced and hosted by Russell Leon Songwriters Unite promotes emerging and professional musicians by encouraging songwriters to create and perform original music and lyrics. We want our musicians to gain exposure, meet new musicians, entertain, and unite a community of hard working, talented artists. We encourage artists, producers, promoters and venues to contact Songwriters Unite! and use it as the valuable resource that it is. www.songwritersunite.com

SPEAK Music Presents

  • Winterfolk Program of Building Communities Through Participation

SPEAK Music is a Canadian publicity and promotions company, based in Toronto, Ontario. We specialize in genres from folk to alternative, world music to country, blues to pop, and everything in between. With a focus on artist development, SPEAK Music has been providing encouragement and professional support to performing musicians, independent record labels, distributors, festivals, not-for-profit organizations and music charities since March, 2003. www.speak-music.com

Steve Payne

  • '' Calm yet impassioned vocals marry to distinctive melodies and exemplary guitar-playing across a variety of themes. He wins his fans one at a time but, at this rate, he'll certainly never lose them. ''

Steve Payne: Songwriter / vocalist / producer / arranger has been variously described as "one of the UK's finest guitarists" and "one of rock's fallen ( but resurrected ) angels". After many years experience in the music business both in the UK and abroad Steve P is still recording and touring extensively.

His live performances in particular, both solo and with his newly reformed band 'Candy Run", have been described as ''the show to go to ' not to be missed ''. www.steve-payne.net

Steve Paul Simms and John Jackson

John is an ex Perth County Conspirator and the current lead guitarist for the re-formed Kensington Market, has released 3 cds and wrote the music for the long running documentary series Great Canadian Parks Steve Paul is a singer songwriter, actor and raconteur with 2 cds to his credit. www.johnjackson.ca www.stevepaulsimms.com

Tannis Slimmon

  • Tannis won the 2008 Canadian Folk Music Awards Contemporary Vocalist of the Year at the awards ceremony in St. John’s, Newfoundland.
  • Lucky Blue’s first cut ”Ernest, Charlie & Allan” won an Independent Music Award for best song. The album was also listed as a finalist for best album in the Folk/Singer-songwriter category.
  • Lucky Blue was selected as one of the top 10 ’Critics’ Albums of the Year’ for 2007 by Canadian Folk and World Music magazine Penguin Eggs.

Tannis Slimmon has been performing, songwriting and recording for over 30 years. Her exceptional voice “full of gentle grace and unobtrusive dignity” is considered to be a Canadian “musical treasure”. Her solo career began in 2001 with the release of “Oak Lake”, an album heavily influenced by her early years in rural Manitoba. Highly regarded for her compelling live performances, enchanting melodies, and strong lyrics, in 2008 she was honoured with the Contemporary Vocalist of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards for “Lucky Blue”, her second album. You can find Tannis’ name on over 75 albums, contributing songs or singing harmonies for some of Canada’s finest songwriters (Willie P. Bennett, James Gordon, Gwen Swick). Recognized as one of the best roots music singers in the country, she is ”a breathtaking vocalist with a bright and angelic disposition” (Exclaim, 2007). www.tannis.ca

The Blackest Crow

The Blackest Crow is Hannah Naiman on voice, banjo, and guitar; and Emily Adam on voice and cello. Their music comes from the heart. Simple arrangements with complex harmonies, their sound is the pure and sweet echo of Appalachia. Original and traditional songs by The Blackest Crow will captivate you. Close-harmony duo Emily Adam and Hannah Naiman sing original ballads and re-arranged traditional heartbreakers, often featuring banjo and cello. http://www.myspace.com/blackestcrow http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Blackest-Crow/116194531751885

The Blackwood Two

  • Old-time street-folk!

Getting their start busking old time tunes on the streets of Victoria BC, The Blackwood Two has since then evolved into a unique and well received folk duo, masterfully combining fiddle, banjo, and guitar with a unique blend of powerful vocals, smoothly interweaving male and female voices in tight harmony. Their captivating, simple, and accessible acoustic roots sound is quickly making a name for itself in the folk community, appealing to all generations and leaving audience members excited for more.

www.theblackwoodtwo.com Facebook

The Donefors

  • The DoneFors released their first full-length album — How to have sex with Canadians — in early 2009 to great critical acclaim. Produced by The DoneFors, and mastered by João Carvalho, the album is a landmark of a project displaying timeless virtuosity.
  • Notable past performances include Northern Lights Festival/09, Cabbagetown Street Festival/09, Open Door Music Festival/07, OCFF Official Showcase/06, Junction Arts Festival/06, Plan B Harvest Festival/06, and successful residencies in 2009 at Toronto’s Cameron House and Not My Dog.

Toronto-based band The DoneFors embody a contemporary pop and progressive folk sound they’ve coined Canadiana Vanguard — a musical expression that spans genres, stretches boundaries, and stays rooted in an instrument’s organic sound.In the late hours of 2006, four accomplished Canadian musicians came together to form what many fans & colleagues have dubbed their “new favourite band”. The DoneFors comprise singer-songwriter Janine Stoll (The Ladybird Sideshow), electric guitar player/songwriter Paul MacDougall, electric bass player/songwriter Liam Smith (both of Juno nominated Mr. Something Something), and drummer/producer/engineer Brian Lahaie (Angie Nussey, SuperStack). www.thedonefors.com

The Horables

The Horables are a trio of musicians who play tradional Klezmer music , a little jazz and the occasional polka. The Horables is a three headed six armed monster with a fiddle, an accordion and a mandolin. Rachel Shenin(violin) Rachel Melas (accordion) and Conny Nowe (mandolin) want to share their love for archaic music with anyone within earshot. www.myspace.com/thehorables

The Gary Kendall Band

  • Multiple Maple Blues Awards and nominations Blues With A Feeling Award
  • The Gary Kendall Band has released independent recordings on their own 47 Records label. Full length CD`s,Dusty & Pearl (2004), Feels Real Strong (2008). Download singles This Sacred Ground (2010), Sumlin Around (2011)
  • Gary Kendall is a current and longtime member of the legendary Downchild Blues Band

The Gary Kendall Band, fresh, impassioned and inspired, a unique approach to the blues, honoring the the tradition of the art form.

The Guitar Boys of Alderon

  • They took up space in school – and now they are cadets!

When superbly talented guitar players get together one of two things usually happens –they either fall all over the place tripping each other up as each attempts to assert themselves or they blend like a well-prepared cocktail, sounding for all the world as if they’ve performed together all their lives. Fortunately the latter outcome is what ensues when Roots/Folk/Country picking icons Brian Gladstone, Noah Zacharin and Rick Zolkower combine to perform as the new “power-Roots” trio The Guitar Boys Of Alderon. The trio each brings to the combo musical sensibilities that have superior guitarsmanship in common but feature slight differences of style that somehow mesh beautifully together to create a whole far different from the parts —not unlike the way in which Jackie Washington, Ken Whiteley and Mose Scarlett form a unique trio when they combine their talents. Brian Gladstone, regarded as one of the leading TO practitioners of Rootsy fingerstyle picking, Noah Zacharin, whose captivating waterfalls of beautiful Folk fingering are well known, and Rick Zolkower of the Alt Country band Mr. Rick & The Biscuits, each bring distinctive talents and flavours to a mix that blends as smoothly as a well-prepared cocktail.

The GCDC Gang

If music could be scruffy, it would be GCDC. This enthusiastic and highly entertaining group of musical mongrels leave a lasting impression with every show. Each guitarist/banjo/mandolin/bass playing member not only wields multiple instruments with ease, but each has earned their own reputation as a bone-a-fide singer-songwriter. These are the men that make GCDC….Ricky Joe, K-Mack, Ronnie J, Craw Ditty and Dave. http://www.gcdc.ca/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/GCDC/28436289095

The Warped 45s

”Winners of the 2009 Rogers Fan Choice Award at North By North East”

First cousins Ryan Wayne McEathron and Dave McEathron grew up together in small town Ontario and in 2007 formed their first band together – The Warped 45s. The new five piece roots rock / alt country band quickly developed a layered but warmly accessible sound, with multiple voices, harmonies, and diverse instrumentation. In June 2009, the band won the NXNE Roger’s Fan Choice award, toured the east coast of Canada, and signed with indie label Pheromone Recordings for a September 1 release of the new album titled 10 Day Poem for Saskatchewan, distributed in Canada by Fontana North. Fall 2009, while the record climbed the college charts and enjoyed play on CBC Radio One, Two and Three and other stations, the band flexed their touring muscles further. After playing extensively in Ontario, with bands like Elliott Brood and Drive By Truckers, The Warped 45s drove west for the first time; 20 shows in 22 days! They had a blast, and came home to find 10 Day poem made a num ber of year end lists, including Exclaimʼs top 10 records list. The Warped 45s continue to build momentum through 2010. They got their first magazine cover (View Mag) in January and earned more rave reviews from prestigious music magazines like Americana UK. The “Radio Sky” video was picked up in February by CMTʼs Wide Open Country and songs like “Why oh Why” and “”Radio Sky” are in rotation on radio stations across the country and beyond. “Radio Sky” has also been featured on Stuart Mcleanʼs Vinyl Café. Spring and summer saw The Warped 45s back on the both coasts, and playing great summer festivals including the Hillside Music Festival. The band played an official showcase at OCFF in October, then hit the road for one last big tour before settling into the studio to record their next album over the next few months. www.thewarped45s.com Facebook

Tony Quarrington

  • Won a Solo Roots Juno in 1998 for producing Willie P. Bennett’s HEARTSTRINGS, which he appeared on playing many different instruments- he also wrote the title song of this iconic recording.
  • This veteran guitarist and songwriter has been a house guitarist for many of the past Winterfolks, playing with musical friends like Joe Hall, Brian Gladstone, Mose Scarlett, James Gordon, Marg Stowe, Cris Cuddy, Howard Gladstone, and Beth Anne Cole.
  • Though still much in demand as a sideman in the folk and jazz fields, Tony has been appearing more lately as a solo act, featuring interesting original tunes and blues-tinged vocals.

Guitarist/ songwriter TONY QUARRINGTON is a 40 year+ veteran of the folk and jazz scenes. Playing on hundreds of recordings over the years, he won a Juno in 1998 in the Solo Roots category for producing Willie P. Bennett’s seminal HEARTSTRINGS. He also won the first Cec McEachern Award (the Golden Porcupine for a utility sideman). His most current recordings are a duo album with Order of Canada bassist/pianist Don Thompson, and a jazz album of Hank Williams tunes with Jeff Bird of Cowboy Junkies. www.tonyquarrington.com

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