Feb 15 2004

Winterfolk II

February 12-15, 2004winterfolklogolores

Artists –

Bill Garrett and Sue Lothrop, Bill Colgate, Bo Basiuk, Brian Blain, Brian Gladstone, Brian MacMillan, Brown Ale, Clear, Danny Marks, David Bradstreet, David Gillis, David Leask, David Newland, Greg Quill, Gregg Lawless, Honey Novick, Howard Gladstone, Ian North, Kevin Stock, Jack DeKeyzer, James Gordon, Jennifer Noxon, Jim Bizer, Joe Hall, Joel Fafard, Jory Nash, Josh White Jr., Kyle Lange, Likewater, Linda Saslove, Lisa Sandell, Lori Cullen, Lynn Harrison, Manitoba Hal, Marianne Girard, Michael Pickett, Michael Johnston, Michael Laderoute, Michael Troy, Mike Audet, Mo Kauffey, Mr. Rick & the Biscuits, Noah Zacharin, Nonie Crete, Norm Hacking, Norman Liota, Peter Katz, Peter Verity, Phil Ochs (Ballad of), Ray Materick, Rodney Brown, Roger Ellis, Ron Nigrini, Ryan Schneider, Sam Larkin, Shane Simpson, Shelley Jacobson, SisterLune, Slow Poke, Suzie Vinnick, Tannis Slimmon, Trevor Mills, Tony Turner, Voxology, Wendell Ferguson.

Venues –

Silver Dollar Room, Thymeless Bar & Grill, Rancho Relaxo, Freetimes Cafe, Swallow Deli & Lounge

Winterfolk II Theme

  • This year is showcasing Local Singer-Songwriters; Guitar Playing Performances; and Sharing Music Information.
  • Showcase Performers – About One Third of All Winterfolk Performers have been Selected from Artists who applied for a showcase. We are offering opportunities for emerging artists and new talent as possible! They have be chosen by an evaluation process – there are no geographical or national boundaries. Be sure to catch the showcase winner's performances at Winterfolk.
  • Local Talent – About Two thirds of All Winterfolk performers were selected by the festival and hired to play. Most of the performers call 'Southern Ontario' their home, and they hale from such places as Ottawa, Fergus, Guelph, Barrie, Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Peterborough, Hamilton, and more !
  • Winterfolk II is self supporting – and has not applied for nor received government funding or grants.
  • Winterfolk is a member of the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals.

Winterfolk II Seminars For Musicians – by Musicians!

  • The Record Label – Why, When, and What For by Bill Garrett (Borealis Records)
  • How Artists Should Approach the Media by Greg Quill (Arts Critic, Toronto Star)
  • The Long Road From High-School Band to Juno by Jack de Keyzer (Juno Award 2003)
  • What it Takes to Succeed in the Music Business by Michael Pickett (Toronto Musician Success Story)
  • Basement Demo to Recording Deal and Worldwide Airplay by Brian Gladstone (Musician, WFII Dir.)
  • Submitting Successful Showcase Applications by Tony Quarrington (Winterfolk Artistic Advisor)
  • Getting Your Album in Major Retail Distribution by Gregg Terrance (Founder Indiepool)

Congratulations to Showcase Winners

  • Kyle Lange
  • Joel Fafard
  • Voxology
  • Michael Johnston
  • Michael Troy
  • David Leask
  • im Bizer
  • Sam Larkin
  • Linda M
  • Clear
  • Bill Colgateo
  • Lisa Sandell
  • Peter Katz
  • Mike Audet

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