Feb 10 2007

Winterfolk V

Ariana Gillis An up and coming star in our midst
Aurora Jane Australian progressive roots fusion
Alastair Hugh Artingstall UK singer songwriter with quirky viewpoint and intuitive presentation
Bebop Cowboys Toronto’s purveyors of fine western swing and cowboy jazz, with guest Russell deCarle
Brian Gladstone Fingerstyle guitar master, singer / songwriter, presenter of Dr. B,’s Acoustic medicine show.
Brent Mason One Canada’s most noted Maritime folk-rock artists
Brian Blain A brilliant writer incorporating everyday experiences into his blues
Chana Rothman Blends Israeli sensibility with freestyle and rhythm acoustic guitar
Choir Girlz Rootsy eclectic mix of swingin’ down-home country, sprinkled with comedy and a pinch of tears.
Cris Cuddy Van Morrison meets Elvis Costello and more
Conrad Kipping and Igor Romany Conrad is a multi-talented and excels on a variety of instruments
Dale Nikkel Acoustic folk-pop with unforgettable melodies and finely-crafted lyrics
Danny Marks A renown broadcaster, an outstanding guitarist & bandleader, a favorite with live audiences.
Dave Celia A world-class musician who has played for audiences all over the U.K., U.S.A. and Canada.
David Ross Macdonald Darkly soulful and bitter-sweet acoustic folk songs, insightful lyricist
David Gillis Winner Gamble Rogers Fingerstyle Guitar Competition, great singer/songwriter
Dan McVeigh Award winning singer/songwriter, presenter of Nashville Songwriters Association
Greg Hobbs Hobbs writes songs that truly capture the heart
Greg Quill “One of the finest songwriters Australia has produced.” – ABC Radio
Hot Toddy A Rootsy, Bluesy trio with a jazz groove that pushes all the boundaries
Howard Gladstone A singer/songwriter, whose songs reflect a world of experience and great social conscience (or consciousness?)
Jon Brooks A troubadour of songs for social justice
Jory Nash Blends elements of traditional folk, blues, jazz and pop into an original stew of sound
Julie Long Incredibly talented singer/songwriter/pianist.
Justin Nozuka An 18-year-old Toronto-based singer/songwriter creating soulful songs that belie his age
Laura Fernandez Powerful singer songstress with moving melodies and a touch of Spanish influence
Laura Repo Wistful songs about relevant issues, sweet observations, and urban folk wisdom
Laura Hubert Blues and Western swing delivered with passion and style
looweeze de’Ath Her charm and chutzpah are only outdone by her musicality and captivating songs.
Likewater Strong vocals, catchy melodies and emotional moving performance
Marianne Girard Will melt your heart and move your feet
Marty Allen Story-driven Outlaw-country songwriter
Michael Brennan The real voice of country in Toronto
Michael Fracasso Songs from the cerebral rust belt
Michelle Carter-Leis Pure, sensual vocals. Not limited by genre
Moonshine Café John Marlett presents Sweetgrass, Joe Forster, Seeve Ledlie, James Jones, and more.
Mr. Rick roosty, folksy, tub thumping guitar and vocals from the roots of roots
Nancy Dutra Sweet, soulful music infused with classic country and bluegrass
Noah Zacharin well crafted passionate songs framed in guitar wizardry
Norm Hacking A 30 year veteran, Toronto singer/songwriter, winning loyal fans and critical acclaim for his beautifully crafted songs
Pat Robitaille His voice and his unique guitar style make Pat the total package when it comes to the image of modern-day rock
Ray Edge with Gary Kendall Award-winning songwriter in the blues community
Russell Leon Finely-crafted music reflecting grass-roots folk, rock, funk and blues music, presenting Songwriters Unite
Ryan LeBlanc A progressive solo instrumentalist from New Brunswick
Sarah Noni Metzner Nominated for Best Songwriter category for the 2006 Canadian Folk music Awards
Sarah Siddiqui A very unique and soulful voice, her songs are strangely exotic and familiar at the same time
Shanklin Road All-female country east coast trio that can rock your world
Shawn Brush One of the finest performers of bluegrass, folk, and country music you will ever have the good fortune to hear.
The Guitar Boys of Alderon Roots Power trio 6 string virtuosos / singer/songwriters Brian Gladstone, Noah Zacharin & Mr. Rick
Steve Payne Roots, country and blues guitarist, Steve Payne, is one of the UK’s finest roots artists
Toronto Fingerstyle Guitar Presentation Randy Finney presents Dunstan Morey, Ira Quinsey, Brian Litvin, Steve Raiken, with special guest Richard Smith
Tanja Rice Soulful power vocals crafted in USA and perfected in UK
Trio Bravo The heart and soul of the veteran country ensemble Melody Ranch rides again as Trio Bravo
Vishten A hardy mixture of French, Irish and Scottish styles, with powerful step dancing taking front and center
Wendell Ferguson Funny, talented, Canadian guitar champ, always an audience favorite

Winterfolk V Times

  • Friday February 9 7:00 – 1:00
  • Saturday February 10 2:00 – 1:00
  • Sunday February 11 2:00 – 7:00

Winterfolk V Venues

  • The Willow Restaurant 193 Danforth Ave, 416 469 5315
  • The Black Swan Tavern, 154 Danforth Ave, 416 469-0537
  • Dora Keogh, 141 Danforth Ave., 416 778 1804
  • Prince of Egypt, 135 Danforth Ave, 416-463-2228
  • Terri O’s Sports Bar, 185 Danforth Ave, 416-462-0038

Congratulations to this year’s showcase winners

  • looweeze de’Ath, Perth, AustraliaMichelle Carter-Leis, Vancouver, Canada
  • Aurora Jane, Byron Bay, Australia
  • Sarah Noni Metzner, British Colombia, Canada
  • David Ross Macdonald, Adelaide, Australia
  • Michael Fracasso , Texas, USA
  • Sonia Lee, USA
  • Todd Hannigan, USA
  • Alastair Artingstall, London, England

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