Sep 12 2011

‘Live From the Stage’ Now Accepting Artist Submissions

Raw Stage Energy Beats Studio Polish !

The Association of Artists for a Better World, is a non-profit organization devoted to improving our planet through artistic expression. The most real music and best messages emanate live from the stage and cannot be reproduced in the studio, regardless of the electronic effects and digital wizardry. The Association of Artists for a Better World is currently looking for 8 Sonicbids artists for its 12th compilation CD and inaugural volume of “Live From the Stage”.

Selected artists will receive:

Inclusion on their website, press releases, and all CD related publicity and promotion as applicable
Every time the CD is played or reviewed, industry and media people will hear your music and your name

10 CDs for their own sale and promotion Distribution and International Sales will handled through CD Baby, and cataloged in their international album data base
‘Live From The Stage’ will be distributed for airplay to about 200 radio stations (By request only) in our global pipeline located throughout North America, Europe, and Australia, including Internet stations; and review copies distributed to selected major publications and music journalists.

Although there are no guarantees, it is reasonable to expect the CD to get airplay around the world, and reviewed in music publications and Ezines. It is also reasonable to expect you will get requests for your CDs from interested DJs and journalists who like your tune. It is customary for DJs / stations to send play lists directly to artists. All of their previous CDs have received world-wide airplay and global acclaim!

How to Apply:

ONLINE: Artists can apply for auditions online through Sonicbids . ( If you don’t have a Sonicbids account, you can open a free account when submiting to this opoortunity). 

BY MAIL:  Send track to The Association of Artists For A Better World, 182-4936 Yonge St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M2N-6S3, and mark the envelope with ‘Live From The Stage Submission’, accompanied with $15.00.


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